Favorites (Anime, Manga, and More)

Favorites (Anime, Manga, and More)

Hey gang. I’m running behind, so I wanted to do a quick and dirty post. It has relevance to the blog as many of the questions are anime/manga related. Note that this is my current stance on favorites, which can change over time. So without further ado, here goes.

Favorite Anime

Hahaha! Well, this is a no-brainer for anyone who knows me. That would be the Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki series, though primarily OVA 1, 2, and 3. But OVA 4 and 5 do have some merit, more so if you are Japanese and have read all of the canon novels. 😅 As to why this series is my favorite, it boils down to the fact that beneath the harem veneer of the series, there is a very interesting story set in an even more interesting universe.

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki OVA 5 Episode 05

Favorite Manga

Right now, it is a tie for what’s my favorite, though there are many good ones. The first one is My Monster Secret. Not only is this series outrageously funny at times, it breaks free of the normal harem trap by having the male protagonist actually date the girl (a vampire) WELL before the series ends. I think I still need to blog the final two volumes (I did read them). That aside, there is a VERY interesting and somewhat dark story underneath the comedy, harem stuff, and romance. The combination makes it good.

My Monster Secret Akane trick or treat

Tied for favorite is SPY×FAMILY. Anya took over the top kid spot from Yotsuba (Yotsuba&!). The premise of a male spy who needs a fake family for a mission is interesting enough. However, the fact that his wife is a secret (and insanely good) assassin takes it up some levels. And then the young Anya, who’s a genetically engineered telepath who keeps her abilities secret, pushes it over the top. There are great laughs as well as an interesting story, set in a fictional parody of 1960s East Berlin. (And the anime adaptation is great too.)

Spy×Family 03

Favorite of the “Big Three”

By “big three”, they mean One Piece, Naruto, or Bleach. I only watched the first season DVD release of One Piece, which I received as a review copy. It wasn’t for me. I rather doubt I watch the other two.

Favorite Anime/Manga Protagonist

Hmmmm…I have to think about this one a bit. When all is said and done, it has to be Lina Inverse from the Slayers franchise. When one looks up the word “awesomeness” in the dictionary, her image is there. 😉 She despises stupidity, but respects strength and loyalty. She is (mostly) fearless. Lina is an OP sorceress with an earned reputation. I love it when she goes off on folks. And she can suck down the food as well. Being a powerful mage means burning lots of calories.


Favorite Anime/Manga Antagonist

I’m going to make an unusual pick here and go for Xellos from the Slayers franchise. Xellos wasn’t as big a presence in the source novels (as I understand it), but his massive popularity is why we see so much of him in the anime adaptations. He acts out of his own interests or those of his Mazoku lord, Zelas Metallium. So while he may help sorceress Lina Inverse and her party, he could turn on them at any time. And indeed, he was an antagonist in Slayers REVOLUTION episode 8. Thus he’s my pick.

Slayers Evolution-R 10

Favorite Video Game

When asked this, my first thought is to look at something like the old school Rogue game (check out my video here), Sid Meyer’s Pirates, Star Wars: Empire at War, or Heroes of Might and Magic II. That’s because I played those games a ton and still may break one out from time to time today.

However, in the end, I have to choose Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. That’s because this was the first game that I ever role-played. It wasn’t by design. It just sorta happened. And in the end, I played through the entire game three times, something I’ve NEVER done with any other RPG game. Most of the time, I’m lucky to get through them once. 😅

Favorite TV Show (Non-anime)

Easy — Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. While it will have the odd rubbish episode, for the most part, this series was well written and had proper character arcs and relationships. I loved that. Further, it had one of the best antagonists in Gul Dukat. And finally, freaking Hawk from Spenser: For Hire (Avery Brooks) and Ben Sisko, commander of DS9! Combine this with increased, serial story telling (the Dominion War) and man, this was must-see TV for me.

Deep Space Nine cast

Favorite Movie (Non-anime)

I’m sure I’ve said this a hundred times before, but Star Wars is my favorite movie. It was the first movie I ever saw in the theater as a kid. I didn’t get to see another film in the theater until I was 15. 😅 That aside, who cannot love a classic tale of good vs. evil, set in a sci-fi universe? That’s why Disney’s recent rubbish in the Star Wars universe has been so depressing.

And there you have it. Let me know your favorites in the comments below.

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2 Responses to “Favorites (Anime, Manga, and More)”

  1. Gourry says:

    Here it goes, quickfire with today’s mindset.

    ****Favorite Anime:****
    Never really thought about it before, but the ones that pop up fast in my mind might by Hajime no Ippo.

    In the second last episode of season one, when everything Ippo learned gets put up together hits hard (haha). Don’t want to spoil more than that.

    I should continue someday with the ever going manga, I read up to chapter 700-something.

    ****Favorite Manga****
    The one I come back to read, time to time is Hikaru no Go (Even though Video Girl Ai lingers in my back mind, haven’t re-read that one.)

    HnG is my today’s answer. When I pick it up, I can’t stop finish reading it, it’s that good. Only bad thing is the abrupt ending, which seems to be that the (irl) Korean player threatened to sue Shonen Jump.

    Here can I go with a shout-out to the best Live-action adaption of an anime/manga (what’s yours?). It came a Chinese adaption in 2020 which several improvements including fixing the ending, as they could prepare. Mangakai approved it and even made requirements that they couldn’t change Sai’s appearance. It has two downsides (probably because of mandates), the setting day in the first episode (which disappears after that) and one of the characters ending. I highly recommend it.

    Here’s a fan-made OP for it with scenes from the show, if anyone is interested to see how it looks like: https://youtu.be/FPSaXbFMrY8

    ****Favorite Anime/Manga Antagonist****
    Uhm, never thought about this really but I can’t copy your answer (shout-out to his real Cone-form). I would therefore say Hellmaster Fibrizo from Slayers Next, his plotting was masterful except trusting that Lord of Nightmares wouldn’t have a mind of it’s own.

    ****Favorite Video Game****
    Does anyone except me remember this one?

    Betrayal at Krondor, what a game! It had everything, real life cutscenes, kinda cosplay in todays terms. Great battle system, story, you could level up to play the instrument. So impressive to have come out in 1993 on DOS.

    It’s based on the Raymond E. Feist books, so it had great source material. The game was so liked, even he adapted the game into it’s own book series later on. Has that happened before?

    ****Favorite TV Show (Non-anime)****
    Hardest one so far…
    What pops up fast is Star Trek: TNG, Get Smart & Sliders. I don’t even want to think anymore on this, or more shows will pop up.

    Of those three I would say Star Trek: TNG, as I could put on almost any episode and be happy watching it.

    ****Favorite Movie (Non-anime)****
    I don’t think I’ve any particular top favorite.

    But the one I would like more people to watch today, is Kung Fu Hustle. It has the best action scenes, fighting, comedy and more.

    Quite the step-up from his earlier movie Shaolin Soccer which also is great.

    Go and watch it, if you haven’t!


    Look how much you made me write, haven’t written this much for a long time. ^^;

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Never watched Hajime no Ippo. Never read Hikaru no Go. I can’t remember if I read Video Girl Ai or not. I know I saw the anime.

      Here can I go with a shout-out to the best Live-action adaption of an anime/manga (what’s yours?).

      I may have seen three live action adaptations. I saw part of Maison Ikkoku. I saw all of You’re Under Arrest. And I saw part of xxxHOliC. Oh, and I saw Honey and Clover. So that’s four.

      Hellmaster Fibrizo is a good choice for antagonist.

      Never heard of the game Betrayal at Krondor. 😅

      Star Trek: TNG is a good TV show for sure. Shame modern Trek is such rubbish though.

      My brother-in-law has recommended Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer. I really should take the time to watch them.

      Look how much you made me write, haven’t written this much for a long time. ^^;

      Hahaha! Always glad to be of service.

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