Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 233

Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 233
Tonikaku Kawaii Fly Me to the Moon 233
トニカクカワイイ 233

Spoiler Summary/Synopsis:

Tsukasa and Nasa head out to get some snacks. As they eat, Nasa expresses his gratitude that it was Tsukasa who obtained these immortality abilities. That’s because in a less than honorable person’s hands, these abilities could be used to take over the world. Nasa speculates that the power was created to subjugate a planet with minimal effort.

Tsukasa becomes concerned that she’s a loser. However, Nasa counters this by stating this proves that his wife is a good person. Over 1400 years, Tsukasa has consistently helped others. As her husband praises her as someone who governs human history, Tsukasa recalls when her friend from the past gave her the name Tsukasa. She is touched by Nasa’s words.

Nasa feels Tsukasa’s powers are perfect. And yet, something is wrong with her ability. He cites here leather barrette. As such, Nasa has an idea of how to break Tsukasa’s immortality.

Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 233


I like how we get more plot in Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 233. Yeah, it isn’t a great deal of plot, but we do get something. However, I do like how Nasa looks at things. He’s not wrong when he acknowledges Tsukasa for not using her immortality for evil. A lot of folks would. Tsukasa has sacrificed herself many times to help others. I doubt it even crossed her mind to do anything bad with her powers.

That aside, as I read the chapter, I couldn’t help but think of Hata-sensei’s sci-fi title Ad Astra Per Aspera. In that manga (which is on hiatus), aliens do subjugate Earth. Part of me wonders if Kaguya-hime’s race are the same aliens. Knowing Hata-sensei, they are. Anyway, it would be cool if this linkage was provided.

Finally, Nasa addresses the regenerative abilities of Tsukasa’s leather barrette. I’ve always found it interesting that this regenerated with Tsukasa. I figure it is because she bled on it before gaining her immortality. But I guess we’ll see what’s up with that and how it might end Tsukasa’s immortality.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

In the end, Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 233 was an interesting chapter that analyzed the plot as it currently stands. As such, I rather enjoyed it, but fluff lovers will probably not be so keen.

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