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CLAMP: The Hiatus Masters!

CLAMP: The Hiatus Masters! A couple of days ago, I reached into my stack of manga volumes that I’ve not blogged about, and I grabbed Gate 7 volume 4.  I thought I had read it, but in fact, I had not.  So I read it and started prepping for a blog entry (coming soon).  I

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Clover Omnibus

Clover Omnibus Manga Revew

クローバー Clover Omnibus Manga Revew –> PURCHASE FROM RAKUTEN.COM (formerly BUY.COM) –> PURCHASE FROM BARNES & NOBLE –> PURCHASE FROM RIGHTSTUF! *SPOILERS!* In my continuing exploration of CLAMP’s manga works, I stop at Clover, which was originally a four-volume series done in the late 90’s.  Story-wise, the first two volumes cover the journey of Sue,

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