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Honey and Clover II 12

What I’m Watching 09

Honey and Clover II 07 As Morita-san (Shinobu) sleeps, we are given a flashback to his father MORITA Tsukaka and his crazy little robotic inventions. His chief assistant (and I believe brother-in-law) NEGISHI Tatsuo is the serious type and just tolerates Tsukaka’s silly nature. That nature lead to him having the applicants for a job

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What I’m Watching 08

This segment is brought to you by whatever lung disorder I currently have. *_* Kanon 24 — Some time has passed since episode 23. Akiko-san has completely recovered (a miracle) and even made new jam. At school, Kitagawa and Kaori discuss Akiko-san’s infamous jam with Yuuichi and Nayuki. Kaori has news for Yuuichi and that

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What I’m Watching 07

Kanon 23 — Yuuichi colapses in the snow and is rescued by a woman in a car who looks like Makoto. He awakes in a strange apartment and discovers his rescuer is Makoto-san, the woman that the kitsune Makoto based her human form on. Makoto-san knew Yuuichi from years before and was a neighbor. Meanwhile

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What I’m Watching 06

Honey and Clover II 01 — This first episode is basically a recap of Honey and Clover. So we are re-introduced to Mayama, Morita, Takemoto, Ayu, Hagu-chan, Hanamoto-sensei, Nomiya-san, Rika-san, & Miwako. Of course, we get to see the highlights of things that happened such as Ayu’s unrequited love for Mayama, Mayama’s unrequited love for

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