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Honey and Clover II 01 — This first episode is basically a recap of Honey and Clover. So we are re-introduced to Mayama, Morita, Takemoto, Ayu, Hagu-chan, Hanamoto-sensei, Nomiya-san, Rika-san, & Miwako. Of course, we get to see the highlights of things that happened such as Ayu’s unrequited love for Mayama, Mayama’s unrequited love for Rika-san, Nomiya-san’s interest in Ayu (much to Mayama’s disgust), Takemoto and Morita’s love for Hagu-chan, Takemoto’s bicycle journey across Japan, and everything ending with Takemoto’s return and confession to Hagu-chan.

Even though it was only a recap, I was reminded of how beautiful this josei title is.

Honey and Clover II 02 — Hagu-chan gets the hiccups and Morita decides to take advantage of the situation to have some fun. He ends up chasing her across campus until they come upon Takemoto, who takes out Morita and gives Hagu-chan a break. He then cures her hiccups with a folk remedy, which she is thankful for before fleeing. Takemoto notes that since he confessed to her, she’s been avoiding him. Meanwhile Yamada (Ayu) and Rika-san talk as Rika-san is most pleased with Ayu’s work. The two come home to Rika-san’s place/office where they are greeted by Mayama. Ayu notes how Mayama observes everything Rika-san does. She later talks to Hanamoto-sensei and realizes that Rika-san does have feelings for Mayama even if she doesn’t express them. So later when Rika-san gets the hiccups and Mayama cures them with his folk remedy, Ayu seemingly gets her confirmation of Rika-san’s feelings and her own losing position in this love triangle.

The anime loves to mix the humor and the drama so that neither takes priority, which is something I love about the show. I get the feeling that Ayu will be moving on shortly, but I could be wrong. And I really hope Takemoto ends up with Hagu-chan before this thing is over.

Kanon 22 — As Yuuichi and Nayuki take a cab to the hospital, they pass through the area where Akiko-san was struck and nearly died. They spend the night at the hospital with no change to Akiko-san’s condition and the doctor advises them to go home but stay someplace where they can be gotten a hold of. Nayuki blames herself for the accident, since she wanted that Strawberry cake. She retreats to her room and doesn’t eat anything. Yuuichi distresses about destroying Nayuki’s snow bunny when they were children (while he was upset at the time). He finally comes into Nayuki’s room and they have a talk, which Nayuki won’t be comforted. In his own bed, Yuuichi dreams and remembers his last day with Ayu seven years ago and the tragic event that happened then. Awakening from this, Yuuichi grabs Ayu’s backpack and the angel he bought her back then and rushes out into the snow. He returns to the forest in a desperate attempt to find Ayu, but the blizzard overcomes him and he is unable to carry on.

The story of what happened to Ayu is so sad. Man, I sure could put myself in Yuuichi’s shoes then. The end of the episode had a most unexpected person show up, but I won’t say more lest I spoil it.

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