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Negima! Vol 20 (Ch 179) *SPOILERS*

Thanks to AQS for the scans. Summary: Negi and Asuna are talking when Anya attacks Negi with a flaming kick, which both he and Asuna avoid. Asuna is ready for an enemy, but its only Negi’s childhood friend Anya, who’s set her robe on fire by accident. After the fire is out, she states she’s

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Negima! Vol 20 (Ch 178) *SPOILERS*

Negima! Vol 20 (Ch 178) *SPOILERS* Thanks to AQS for the scans. SPOILER Summary: Its summer and Negi’s battle-harem are heading to a Japanese beach for some much needed time off, especially for Asuna who’s glad to be out from Eva’s “hellish training.” Arriving at the beach, Asuna orders Negi to have fun and not

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