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Hoshi wa Utau Volume 1 *SPOILERS*

星は歌う Volume 1Twinkle Stars Vol. 1 (manga) Summary: Chapter 1 introduces us to Sakuya, who’s in high school and has no parents. She lives with her guardian, the college-aged “bum” guy named Kanade (whom she calls “Kana-chan”), works at a shop for one Yuuta-san, who’s the older brother of one of her good male friends

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Fruits Basket Manga Volume 19

Fruits Basket Volume 19 SPOILER Summary: Kyo has a lengthy talk with Tohru’s grandfather at Kyoko’s grave. Tohru and Shigure have a talk about the curse, now that Tohru knows more about it. Tohru and Kyo get closer as do Yuki and Machi. Yuki pays a visit to Ayame with Kakeru and ultimately Machi, where

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Fruits Basket Manga Volume 18

Fruits Basket Volume 18 SPOILER Summary: As the leaders of the Student Council work on cleaning up the resource room, Machi is missing. A discussion of the rumor that she tried to kill her little brother came up and it is revealed that Machi knocked over a box of chalk and her cleaning up the

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Fruits Basket Ultimate Edition Volume 1

Fruits Basket Ultimate Edition Volume 1 I heard about this new release of Fruits Basket from TokyoPop and thought I’d look into it a bit. I read this from, “Bonus content includes interior color art, new foreword, and an autograph by Natsuki Takaya!” had something similar, only no mention of an autograph from

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Random Thoughts 05

Item 1: According to Comi Press, Takaya-sensei (Fruits Basket manga-ka) has a new manga which will debut on June 5 in the shoujo manga magazine Hana to Yume (where Fruits Basket was published on a weekly basis). The title of the new manga will be “Hoshi wa Utau” which translates to “Stars Sing” (Doesn’t sound

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Fruits Basket anime

Why No “Fruits Basket 2?”

Why no “Fruits Basket 2”? UPDATE!!! Since the remake has started, you can read my review of the first episode here! Note: If you’ve never read the Fruits Basket manga that TokyoPop has currently released, there will be some SPOILERS involved as I will be referencing the manga. Someone complained to me about this aspect,

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