Why No “Fruits Basket 2?”

Why no “Fruits Basket 2”?

UPDATE!!! Since the remake has started, you can read my review of the first episode here!

Note: If you’ve never read the Fruits Basket manga that TokyoPop has currently released, there will be some SPOILERS involved as I will be referencing the manga. Someone complained to me about this aspect, so now I’ve warned you. ^_^;;;

Fruits Basket animeWith Fruits Basket being one of the best-selling manga in the United States (each new volume scores well on USA Today’s Top 150 Best-Selling Books list and even managed to place during the ultra-crowded Christmas buying season) and with the anime being one of FUNimation’s top sellers, it is only natural that fans in the U.S. would want a second series (or season) to be produced. With the manga having ended last December in Japan, the question many fans have had is, “where is Furuba 2?”

From the start, there has been resistance on the part of the Japanese to do a sequel to the very popular anime title. DAICHI Akitaro (大地丙太郎), who directed Fruits Basket, showed reluctance to do a sequel as seen in the interview on one of the FUNimation DVDs. If you own the DVD’s, make sure to take a look at this.

In May 2004, I was talking with Japanese fan SUGIYAMA Tamihiro. We discussed the Furuba anime, along with other stuff. Here’s the relevant portions of that discussion.

T: I havent read the manga and I’m rather a newbie on this title, so concerning an anime sequel I owe the debate to the fans who are talking on “Furuba” boards. According to them in an interview the director Daichi was rather negative on the possibility. Fans are willing to see a sequel, but they think it wont be soon anyways. Following the conclusion of the manga perhaps? They arent sure either.

A: Any word on why Daichi was negative on the possibility? I loved the series and would love to see more.

T: This I didnt know the detail so I went to director Daichi’s private site and asked for a comment on his BBS. His answer was, “In short because I havent been asked to” from the investors. Gees. *lol*

It sounds like a joke but perhaps hes telling a truth, in a way. If a sequel is coming up he would have heard of it anyway. Its left to us to guess why the investors arent pushing forward.

At this point, I began to really doubt that we’d get any more anime and we’d have to wait for the manga (two volumes had been released in the U.S. at that time and fourteen tankoubons in Japan).

Still, FUNimation seemed keen on carrying the project forward and doing what it took to get things done. They even did a project where they sent a 1000 (or so) cranes to Japan to show how serious they were about doing another series. I don’t know if FUNimation offered to pony up cash for the series as a sponsor (which you’ll note, a lack of sponsorship is a reason Daichi-san states no sequel had been done).

In June 2006, Animetique had this news from Adam Sheehan (FUNimation Marketing Director) which came out of Wizard World Philly convention as to the reasons for no sequel to Furuba.

  1. The Voice Cast – Most of the voice cast has retired and they aren’t interested in coming back to do a second series. They came out of retirement to do the first season. Coming out of retirement again is less appealing.
  2. The Mangaka – Natsuki Takaya (the mangaka – creator of the manga) didn’t like the anime’s director, Akitaro Daichi. If they were to do a second season, Takaya would want to replace the director.
  3. The Producton Company – Unlike Takaya, the production company, NAS, likes Daichi and would want him to do the second season.

Item one is bogus because if you’ll look at the seiyuu list, most of them are still working titles in anime to this day (as of this article’s posting). Besides, even in Japan, casting has changed for titles at times when the desire has been there to proceed with a new series.

That leaves us with item 2 & 3, which sounds very much like the disagreement between manga-ka Tsuda-sensei and ANNO Hideaki (of Neon Genesis Evangelion fame) over his direction of the anime adaptation of her Kare Kano manga.

So, I made it my mission to discover what about the anime adaptation of Furuba might have upset Takaya-sensei. I don’t think she would have been upset by the little additions such as Uo-chan and Hana-chan coming over to Shigure’s house to visit Tohru and help her clean just before New Years. I don’t think that Takaya-sensei would have minded having Kyo-kun’s true-form story moved to the end of the anime for dramatic purposes. So, I came up with two reasons that she may have objected to his work.

First, Daichi-san completely removed the hat element from the anime adaptation. From the very first chapter, Takaya-sensei made a point of displaying the hat (which I’ve colored red).

Fruits Basket manga hat

Now notice Tohru’s tent as seen in the anime.


Fruits Basket - 01

Fruits Basket - 01

Notice there’s no hat in the anime.

By volume 2 of the manga, Takaya-sensei had told the story of the hat from Tohru’s point of view, but Daichi-san had decided to remove the hat story from his version, apparently seeing it as not important or did not want to have a dangling plot thread unresolved. Now that we know the hat initially belonged to Kyo-kun and was given to Tohru by Yuki-kun (something Takaya-sensei had planned from the start, as I understand it), you can understand why this omission would irritate her.

However, the biggest change Daichi-san made was to the character of Akito-san. The seiyuu casting isn’t really a problem (it is on the English dub) because the voice is ambiguous enough so as not to reveal Akito-san’s big secret. However, Takaya-sensei had always intended for Akito-san to play the part of the god-figure from the zodiac legend. As such, all of the Juunishi (zodiac) are bound to Akito-san and thus Akito-san’s word becomes a law which they cannot disobey (at least, not without great effort and pain to themselves, as we’ve seen in the manga).

So, Daichi-san came up with his own explanation of Akito-san. Now instead of being the god-figure in the legend, the curse goes into the body of Akito-san and as such, Akito-san has been born to die for the Juunishi, so they do as they are told by Akito-san as some sort of obligation (at least, that’s how I understood it from the Japanese version).

Further, Kazuma-dono works with Akito-san when it comes to forcing Kyo-kun to show his true form in front of Tohru, something Kazuma-dono would NEVER do based on the manga. Not only that, but when Akito-san attacks Tohru in the last episode (something which is in keeping with the character but not in the manga), Yuki-kun, Shigure, and Hatori all rush to stop Akito-san and go against him. None of them, save Momiji-kun, have stood up to Akito-san thus far in the manga because at this point, they cannot do so.

I imagine this modification on the part of Akito-san by Daichi-san is the main reason she dislikes his adaptation of her manga. I suspect that she wasn’t consulted about this ahead of time, otherwise I’m sure she would have told him who Akito-san truly was. If she did tell him, then that would give her more reason not to want him to do a sequel.

However, this is all pure speculation and short of being able to interview Takaya-sensei myself, I doubt we’ll ever learn the truth.

Still, should there be a sequel, how can the anime rectify things? The hat story is easy enough to pick up. Some minor retconning would have to be done in the form of flashbacks to Tohru in the tent and first moving to Shigure’s house, and her version of the story would have to be told early. Other than that, it should be easy to recover that. The stuff about Akito-san’s dying for the Juunishi is going to be a huge (nearly impossible) hurdle to overcome as is those members of the Juunishi standing up to Akito-san.

In the end, I no longer believe there will be a sequel to this anime title. Indeed, doing this research where I watched the anime and read the manga at the same time depressed me a bit and makes the final episode of the anime difficult to watch. That said, both will still remain favorites of mine even if we never get a sequel anime series.

Update (27 January 2007): Apparently, Takaya-sensei stated that she does not want another Furuba series, but the site that had this information has since pulled it. If I find something, I’ll add it as well.

Update (19 May 2007): Word is at Anime Boston 2007, FUNimation reported they are still trying to convince the powers that be to create a sequel series to Furuba. I don’t think it will work, but you never know.

Update (14-Nov-2018): There’s still not going to be a Furuba 2. However, it does appear that Fruits Basket is going to be remade from scratch, with an all-new Japanese voice cast. FUNimation has already licensed it. Reportedly, it will cover the entire manga story.

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51 Responses to “Why No “Fruits Basket 2?””

  1. Anonymous says:

    I appreciate your speculatons on the reasons why a second season of Fruits Basket would not happen. I agree about the hat and how if there was a possible second season, it would be easy to incoporate it into the first season. I also agree with you about Akito. That would be harder to modify.

  2. eyeresist says:

    Thanks for posting your thoughts on an issue I’ve been very curious about for a while. I haven’t read the manga, but I imagine ALL mangas get changed a fair bit in the process of conversion.

    While I don’t know the details, it seems to me that the Akito issue isn’t that much of a problem really. After all, just because the family TOLD Tohru that Akito was cursed, that doesn’t make it true. It could just be an “outer secret” they were obliged to tell, and, as Tohru becomes closer to the family, she could be told or find out the “inner secret”.

    Maybe I’m just hoping against hope!

  3. AstroNerdBoy says:

    First, thanks to “Anonymous” for your remarks. Also thanks to Eyeresist. ^_^

    Eyeresist — get the manga! Seriously, if you can afford it, it is a worth-while purchase and one of TokyoPop’s best-done titles. Plus, you get to read about the other two Juunishi (the rooster and the horse).

    Now, as to your remarks on anime adaptations modifying the original source manga (or novels), you are correct in that this does happen. As I stated, I doubt Takaya-sensei was bothered by some of the changes such as moving Kyo-kun’s story to the end but was bothered that Akito-san was changed to not be the god-character.

    I still haven’t found the posting where Takaya-sensei stated she did not want another anime done, but were another anime to be done, to get it back on track with the manga would feel like retconning (IMO). So another “Furuba” anime might have to just tell its own story and just use elements here and there from the manga.

    We’ll see what happens, though.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Too bad about there not being any second season.

    I actually liked the anime a LOT better than I liked the manga. When I read the manga, I was often disappointed at the differences. I did like some parts about it, but overall I found it weaker than the anime. I’m almost relieved the anime ended where it did. I liked the open-ending, with Tohru not chosing anyone. I felt poor Yuki got neglected in the manga, in favor of the more popular Kyo. (I like Yuki better.)

    Still, it’s too bad. It would have been interesting to see how they would adapt the later volumes in the anime version.

  5. AstroNerdBoy says:

    “liked the open-ending, with Tohru not chosing anyone. I felt poor Yuki got neglected in the manga, in favor of the more popular Kyo. (I like Yuki better.)”

    If you look back at the manga, you see that Takaya-sensei appeared to have set up a Kyo-Tohru pairing from the beginning. After all, Tohru was the one who said she wanted to become “the cat” (meaning a member of that zodiac were it a sign). Tohru told Kyo she loved him very early on because he was the cat. Despite seeing his true self, Tohru went after him to make sure he didn’t leave her.

    Tohru choosing was never a real element as I read the manga. Sure, Takaya-sensei created some romantic tension, but as I see it, she always had it in mind for Kyo and Tohru to be together (I write this assuming many things since I’ve only read what TokyoPop has released).

  6. Anonymous says:

    … ok … so i’v all read ur opinions … mine is … hell i hated the way they made the anime … it was skimming the series and i’d only read the fifth volume … i loved how the storyline was progressing in the manga … it showed the stories and hardships of each and every zodiacs situation … i think … i’ve only read until 18 … so i’m still not completely sure … but anywayz …

    … if there was no objection to creating another season … with a few addings and adjustments it would be pulled off … i’d have to rewatch the anime though … but it just made me mad the way the did the anime … i wasn’t very happy with the hat story being put out since i’ve been reading the series … as to the curse … in vol 18 it reveals a little that akito believes that he is god because everyone says so … when kureno is being yelled at by the servants for releasing rin … this might be wrong because i was reading scanslations not the us manga … so thats easily adjusted … as to akito and tohru … the ones to defend her increased in numbers i’m not sure … i’d have to finish the series and rewatch the anime …

    … i hate when things are left half ??? done … hell … i won’t be happy until i finsh the anime … thats y i hate watching the anime before the manga … its unsatisfying …


  7. AstroNerdBoy says:

    “thats y i hate watching the anime before the manga … its unsatisfying … “

    First, thanks for the comments. ^_^

    As to the the remark I quoted, I’m just the opposite. *lol* For anime like “Negima!,” “xxxHOLiC,” “Tsubasa,” (just to name three off the top of my head), I find that reading the manga first has made the watching of the anime more difficult since the anime adaptations are weaker (sometimes much weaker) than their manga source. I plan on writing an article about this sometime in the near future.

  8. Anonymous says:

    hey so i get that there might not be another tv series but will there be more books?

  9. AstroNerdBoy says:

    In Japan, the last tankoubon (volume 23) was just published in Japan. As of this posting, that means we have eight more volumes to be published by TokyoPop. After that, its all over and we’ll have to see what new title Takaya-sensei comes up with (if any).

  10. Elise says:

    I understand all of the production “biological” issues behind not creating a series. If I were the manga writer, I would be sincerely torqued at such a mishandling of a beautiful story arc.
    HOWEVER…as a fan of the anime who has not yet read the manga (but would like to), I was sorely disappointed by the end of the anime. If I hadn’t cheated and read spoilers before finishing it, I would have been crushed!
    As a proud amateur writer myself I can see many different routes a sequel could take. I like what eyeresist said about the “outer secret.” I may be recalling this poorly, but the family never stated Akito must die, Akito himself did. My observation of what Akito’s manga counterpart experienced seems to leave a lot wanting in the anime, but this is precisely why a manga could be so fruitful (no pun intended). With that much content unexplored, and a manga sequel impossible, the anime has so much room to explore!
    1) Kyo and Tohru’s coupling seemed hasty at the end of the anime. I was convinced Yuki would put up more of a fight, although he’s too dignified for open jealousy. Perhaps the writers could find a way to develop Yuki’s feelings in a way the manga left off (promptly finding a recipient for his unrequited love…come on, we knew he loved Tohru, and it wasn’t “mother” love in the anime at all. He made far more moves on her that Kyo ever did). Kyo is my favorite candidate for Tohru (I’m married to a Kyo) but Yuki has a fighting chance. The Yuki I know would attempt to reconcile his friendship with Tohru, in spite of knowing the family “set up” all along left him without a chance. This attempt at emotionally healing intimacy with Tohru would probably inadvertantly draw Tohru closer to him and drive an even deeper wedge between himself and Kyo.
    2)The hate issue between Kyo and Yuki could take at least ten episodes to resolve. As the anime propounds several times, they have no room in their heart for love if they still hate each other. I feel the anime left the origin of that hate in Akito’s lap. The resolution of it could be entirely wrapped up in Akito’s revelations.
    3)The other members of the zodiac would have plenty of room to introduce themselves in a second season, giving rise to new anime “poofs” and imagery (the manga was far less poofy from what I understand…i.e. less transformation-humor).
    4)There are plenty of back-story revelations for Tohru to explore by herself and with her friends. I personally would like some more exploration of Kyoko’s past before Tohru came into the picture. Tohru could even endure some “changing” or as we writers call, some “dynamics” to her character, perhaps a little toughening of resolve…something characteristically large for her, but small to the rest of us.
    5)As us real-life Kyo-loved ones know, relationships with “Kyo” types aren’t magically hunky dory one day. In fact they usually have very awkward beginngings but beautiful bonds. If the series could embrace some forwardness the manga didn’t have room for, we could even catch a glimpse into what Kyo and Tohru go through just being together in that house (all kinds of humor available with the older three zodiacs on hand), and that itself could develop the idea of Kyo taking Tohru with him traveling.
    I’m sure everyone here knows full well that the series has potential. In fact, my only reason for posting this was to demonstrate to possible higher-up readers, somehow, that the desire, and the ability, is there to enjoy a greater run from this title. Far too many good titles are left without better use of their energies, for various reasons which as a fan of anime and manga both I simply describe as “dumb.”

  11. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Thanks for writing those ideas, Elise. ^_^ I’ve no doubt that should Takaya-sensei had not expressed her displeasure with the anime adaptation, things like you describe could well have been done. In essence, the anime would become more of its own entity and left the manga. This kind of anime adaptation is not uncommon in Japan. For example, the anime “Fullmetal Alchemist” left its manga parent about half-way through the story and created its own end. Fans who’ve read the manga state that the manga story is so much better.

    Still, while it is sad that there won’t be a “Furuba 2” (short of something wild happening), I did enjoy reading your ideas. I hope you get to read the manga at some point as I’d love to hear your thoughts on that. ^_^

  12. wingblossom says:

    I’d be interested in reading what Natsuki Takaya said about the Fruits Basket anime. I mean, it does seem likely that the last episode soured her on the adaptation. On the other hand, her dislike could just as easily be rooted in something else. For all we know, maybe she didn’t like Akitaro Daichi’s directing style or the seiyuu.

    Akito’s writing would be difficult to get around, and at this point, I think it would be even more difficult for another Furuba anime to be made: the manga is over, no more merchandise has been produced, and anime studios are always eager to move onto the “next big hit.”

    It’s a shame, because for all the added depth and characterization of the manga, I love the anime — both for its humor and warmth, along with the gentle depiction of the manga’s themes. I generally don’t watch adaptations of my favourite manga series; for the most part, they seem flat and unimaginative to me. But the Furuba anime is completely different.

  13. AstroNerdBoy says:

    For all we know, maybe she didn’t like Akitaro Daichi’s directing style or the seiyuu.

    Well, that’s possible. I know that Takaya-sensei seemed pretty happy with the seiyuu choices for the audio drama and a few (Tohru for example) have new seiyuu for the anime.

    Anyway, I still love the Furuba anime, though it is difficult to watch the final episode now that I’ve read almost all of the manga.

    BTW, I too have difficulties these days with anime’s based on manga that I’ve read the manga first. If I haven’t read the manga first, I’m usually OK with the anime adaptation but if I’ve read the manga first…*_* Well, some adaptations are better than others, eh?

  14. Personally, I think that they should start over with the anime, though that would take a lot of time and money. I liked the first one, but I found myself going “No, that’s not supposed to happen.” and “Why did Kyo-kun do that?” Also, I hated that they didn’t use Japanese honorifics. (that’s what they are, right?)

    All in all, I see no chance to get a second season. They’d have to start over if they did.

  15. AstroNerdBoy says:

    “Also, I hated that they didn’t use Japanese honorifics. (that’s what they are, right?)”

    Yeah, they are called honorifics. FUNimation did use the core honorifics (of which “-kun” is one) in the subtitles. Honorifics are rarely used in dubs though. That’s generally because most dub watchers aren’t interested in that from what I understand.

  16. Katrina says:

    Yeah, they should start over. Just like what we’re seeing now with FMA:Brotherhood.

  17. Josh says:

    “Yeah, they should start over. Just like what we’re seeing now with FMA:Brotherhood.”

    Ha, I have to laugh because I scrolled down to post a comment saying the same exact thing.

    Perhaps the best thing is to just to run a 52 episode series or something from the beginning. You can get away with voice actor problems a bit more if you start over than if you do a true “sequel”

    Of course, being that it’s already been something like 2 years since the manga ended in Japan, it would seem that any hope of any new Fruits Basket anime would be fading rather quickly. If they were to do it, it probably would have been when it finished up in Japan.

    (I think part of the reason they could do the do-over with FMA is because, I believe, the anime and manga will be ending nearly simultaneously)

  18. Anonymous says:

    Ah, I love you! Okay, I already liked you for your Brotherhood reviews and I was just looking at the sidebar and saw this. You’ve basically just pointed out the two things that I’ve been trying to drill into the heads of crazy fans who want a second season for years. The HAT and AKITO. Honestly I hate the anime-and if I was Natsuki Takaya I’d hate it even more. The director ruined the creative genius of that manga. Never mind that Furuba is one of those rare stories that is so brilliant in its one medium that nothing could ever compare to it but then to go and outright change so much of the key elements to the story.

    I exaggerate a bit because I pretty much worship Fruits Basket and the ground Takaya-san walks on if I ever found any. It’s really perfect story telling and all the elements that need to come together to tell that story in its medium are perfect. But I digress…anyway I’m glad a second season isn’t ever going to be made. Despite what above posters have said I don’t think you could ever fix the storyline they so twisted while keeping justice to the manga-ka’s original vision.

    And I know that anime almost always diverge from the manga and they can end up perfectly fine more or less (FMA 1 for example) but I’m extremely stubborn and bias in all things relating to Furuba. They could do something I’d be immensely excited about, like re-doing the whole thing completely true to the magna as they did for Brotherhood, and I’d probably still end up hating it xD

  19. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Thank you for the kind words, Anon. ^_^

    I could go for a reboot providing the entire manga was to be adapted faithfully and whatever cast they could get back would return. However, I just don’t see that happening due to the politics involved as well as how the anime rights were issued originally. Sad that Furuba didn’t get a true and proper adaptation, but I do like the anime up until the end at which point I stop watching.

  20. Hana says:

    wow reading this kinda made me sad but now im not as angry looking for the second season THNX! (:,| but im still emo about this lolz i hope i can get the magna

  21. AstroNerdBoy says:

    The manga will give you the whole story and is pretty good.

    As to the anime, I still do not think that Takaya-sensei will ever allow an adaptation of any kind to be done again, but if one were done, I’d rather they just do a reboot and start from scratch again as happened with Fullmetal Alchemist.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Well, one can only wish that maybe one day a second season will finally be developed. I know the first season was kind of off from the manga at certain parts, like with the hat ant Akito, however I still believe the anime could redeem itself through the said suggestions in your post. After all, some sequels usually end up being far better than the first. I mean, I wouldn’t even mind if they decided to recreate the entire series with new voice actors and all (as long as they suit the characters) so that the anime can stay true to the manga and refrain from offending Takaya-sensei. If anything, it’s just a matter of consulting the person in charge of developing and producing the show, so all she needs to do is find a more reliable person for the job.

    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the manga, however seeing what you read come to life with the music, setting and voice is much more amazing, and that’s what I really miss in Furuba. It was probably one of the most beautiful anime adaptations I had ever seen, even if some elements of the story were off, but the whole concept of the show was just amazing and I just want to see Kyo and Tohru get together. =)

  23. AstroNerdBoy says:

    One thing is for sure — Akito would have to be recast or done different for the English dub were another anime to come out. *lol*

  24. Anonymous says:

    I’m going to be an extremely late poster. But I watched this anime during the time it was being released (Can’t believe it’s been 10 years). Every year since then, i would re-watch this anime over and over again. I believe that the stubborn and selfish nature of the production company in Japan is stopping young adults from achieving this great knowledge that the anime has provided. This anime is more than just a series, it provides hope.

  25. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Well to be fair, it is a conflict between the anime production company and the mangaka. Production companies like making their own mark on titles which is why many anime adaptations of manga often contain major changes. Some mangaka are very protective of their work and while Takaya-sensei agreed to have Furuba turned into an anime, the changes made to the story in the anime apparently turned her off.

  26. HisDarkAngel says:

    I understand the feelings of betrayal in the revisions and liberties that were taken with the storyline… but as a new fan of Fruits Basket (and anime all together) … I definitely feel cheated out of a really enjoyable story.

    I hope, that even 10 years later, they will consider continuing the series… if nothing else but for the fans who truly do want it.

    I’m more disappointed with the discontinuance than I am with the story line modifications.

  27. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I hope, that even 10 years later, they will consider continuing the series… if nothing else but for the fans who truly do want it.

    I’m more disappointed with the discontinuance than I am with the story line modifications.

    FUNimation tried really hard to get a 2nd season/series launched. After all, Fruits Basket was a huge money maker for them. However, they were not able to overcome the issues in Japan that prevented it from being created in the first place.

    Considering Takaya-sensei does not have any other manga title which has been converted into an anime (which I feel is by her own choice but I could be wrong) and considering her apparent displeasure with the anime adaptation, I’m not holding my breath on even a reboot to fix things. It is a shame, really.

  28. Anonymous says:

    well i have read all comments and me personally i think they could make a 2nd series, think about it… was the yuki & kyo issue ever resolve…i think yuki should tell her tohr how he feels & that there should be a little more about her mother…. there are 12 zodiac plus the cat but you only see 8 in the anime itself so like were is the other 5 at? yes i understand that if you read the magna you well read about the horse & rooster, but what about the rest of the zodiac? Don’t they all have an important part in the story? To me there are still so many things left unsaid and done… there should be a way for tohr to help them all or even break the curse. i mean come on really i dont think all this should be left untold. just like tohr and her friends there is stuff left untold. why can’t someone else pick up were these other people left off. look at school rumble it was left unfinished in my eyes. or how about the queens blade that was also left undone. to me that isn’t fair to the fans.

  29. Anonymous says:

    ok heres one similar kekkaishi, it is kinda left unfinished. i dont like when i start watching a good show and its like cut off half way and you cant finish it. at least when x men was running back in the 1990s they didnt leave anything left untold or unfinished. they tried to keep you up with the story. everything was explain gradually. i cant imagine a video games or really good movies playing only half way and its over, that would be wrong. i couldn’t imagine being a write in any form and just leaving my fans wondering. just think how disappointed the fans would be. i think they should make a 2nd series and finish everything up. like others have said redo it jeesh. at least let someone else pick up were they left off for crying out loud.

  30. AstroNerdBoy says:

    yes i understand that if you read the magna you well read about the horse & rooster, but what about the rest of the zodiac? Don’t they all have an important part in the story?

    They do. I recommend reading the manga though it desperately needs a license-rescue at this point.

    why can’t someone else pick up were these other people left off.

    Its all about licensing and copyright issues. The anime production company that did the first anime series isn’t likely to give up a chance to do another anime series (IF they wanted to) and they aren’t going to let others. Takaya-sensei apparently doesn’t want another anime done so there’s an impasse.

    i think they should make a 2nd series and finish everything up. like others have said redo it jeesh. at least let someone else pick up were they left off for crying out

    That would be the dream. ^_^

  31. Anonymous says:

    1st i would like to point out that the anime is very intresting to the first anime veiwer which so happens to be me well at this point, im am very depressed with how they can not see this is a good manga, just start over!!! many people ( and i mean thousands!!!!) love this show my friends and i always talk about it. I n fact i watched this befor i read the series, i regret this very much, but im infriuated with how this was put together!! i mean how can you NOT see the merchandise would sell if you could just start over ( include the hat story )
    2) this was a skim through and now that i have read through most of the series it is some what slopy! i loved this series so much that i cried that it was done. and they should just start over i know for a fact i would not miss that )
    i was reading through comments on hulu and one kid had said ” this a waste of time i litterally felt my brain cells die! i hated everything about it fruits basket in general is stupid. this made me want to puke up blood! and scoop my eyes out.” i was so mad after reading that , i wanted to type back well then why have you “wasted” your time ovbiously you dont know the whole story! please get what i am saying!

  32. AstroNerdBoy says:

    i watched this befor i read the series, i regret this very much, but im infriuated with how this was put together!!

    Well, so did I but that meant I didn’t have the manga in my head to compare against the anime. I do admit that when I first saw the Fruits Basket anime, I loved it. However, when compared to the manga story and how the anime kills things and changes things to fit into a series, then it becomes not as great.

    I still like the anime, but I can’t watch the final episodes regarding Kyo.

  33. Anonymous says:

    i loved the anime i could not bare with out another one, i watch this series sooo many time! im very sorry they can not continue this wonderful peice that provides hope…. but i feel thoru could have been explained a little more and kyo could have been put out a little more. as you see in the first episodes they have put out a yuki and thoru relationship, but when i read an article about this it said the director had never read the series and was sure yuki was a better match, but one she ( you know the author to lazy to type her name) saw this she was mad she made them redirect and they needed alittle more romance in this it was to blam in the show, i love the show but would like for them to include more things

  34. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Well, maybe we’ll get another series or even a reboot, though I somehow think it won’t happen. 🙁

  35. Anonymous says:

    1)im sorry such a late commenter
    and laura bailey is still working so she is one of the people who could come back, and i think personally the anime should have had yuki fighting for her more and if yuo watch ouran high school host club she is kanako and you can tell

  36. AstroNerdBoy says:

    1)im sorry such a late commenter

    Not a problem. This article still gets a bit of traffic as it is a subject on many fan’s mind.

    …laura bailey is still working so she is one of the people who could come back…

    Well, even if she couldn’t, anime series dubbed in English have been known to have multiple voice actors. I think the Lupin III franchise has highest number of English cast changes (six I think).

    …i think personally the anime should have had yuki fighting for her more and if yuo watch ouran high school host club she is kanako and you can tell

    Well, Yuki’s going for Tohru is roughly the same in the anime as it was in the manga.

  37. Anonymous says:

    well im going to back track for a second kyo and thoru were supposed like eachother by tun the begin there was kind of a realtionship buukding and she did like yuki in the anime for parts till takaya natsuki told the director there was a thing for kyo and thoru ( he has never read the story how sad!)

  38. skyraindrop says:

    hey guys i was just wondering since im new to this anime, would I have to watch anything in particular but i dont have the game so i was wondering if i could get some friendly advice. Thank you

  39. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I’m not sure what game you are talking about. ^_^;

  40. HakunaMatata says:

    I personally couldn’t care less what they changed about the show – as long as they continued it! It’s one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen and I love it so much. It’s beyond depressing knowing that it won’t continue. Who cares if a few things were changed? It was still successful wasn’t it? Sheesh.
    Now I’m off to find a series to attempt to fill the gap Fruits Basket has left 🙁
    It won’t happen, but I’ll try!

  41. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Have you read the manga? If not, please do so. That will get you the entire story.

    That said, I understand why Takaya-sensei wouldn’t be happy with such a major element removed from the anime story and thus withhold her permission for more anime to be done.

  42. […] article on how Inuyasha was going to end. I had my piece on why I believed there would never be a Fruits Basket 2. However, after a couple of months, the blog shifted into mostly a synopsis/comment style based on […]

  43. Trinket says:

    I always wondered why there was never a second season for Fruits Basket. FUNimation must not have been able to work anything out.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I doubt FUNimation really had any say one way or the other. I suppose if FUNimation had ponied up all of the production costs for an anime, they might have had somewhat of a say, but with Takaya-sensei apparently not liking what was done with the anime adaptation, I don’t think there would have been any chance no matter what.

  44. dihahmf says:

    Oh man, it’s been so many years since this was posted haha but I hope you reply to me because I don’t know who to talk to about this.

    first of all, I’M SO HAPPY THAT “FRUITS BASKET ANOTHER” IS OUT NOW!! I mean online at mangafox.com, of course. I’ve read it and they stopped at chapter 6.5 two days ago. I’m so so excited! Go check it out if you haven’t. But I’m at the same time sad because it has nothing to do with Tohru, Kyo nor Yuki. They did mention them but they were like ghosts in this new one which is very sad because I miss them a lot. I doubt that they’ll make it into an anime though because Natsuki Takaya intends on making 2/3 volumes only. Damn sad, right?

    About the sequel, I’ve read somewhere that it was not possible because of the people that made Fruits Basket kind of left or something like that. Other than that, Natsuki Takaya was not well or was in a terrible accident. And then, Natsuki Takaya wanted to focus on other mangas to make. But I guess that didn’t work out since she made Fruits Basket Another. But an article also said that Fruits Basket Another was made because they were selling the original Fruits Basket Collector’s Edition (I’d most probably gonna buy them all since in my country they stopped selling them a few years ago and now they’re back so I’m really excited about that too) so the whole purpose of the so-called sequel or spin-off was to promote the collector’s edition.

    When I read the last chapters of the original series, I did have a feeling that Natsuki Takaya wanted to end it very very soon. I’m not sure why I felt that way but yeah. I guess some people just wanted things to change? I dunno.

    I hoped that they’d continue Fruits Basket but as the years go by, that hope of mine reduces bit by bit. I still love Fruits Basket so so much but ya know. Now, Fruits Basket Another has been released but it’s different. It’s about a new girl called Sawa who just enrolled in the same high school as Tohru, Yuki and Kyo which is Kaibara High School. It’s about the time after they’ve graduated and have kids already. But it’s so funny because it has a lot of the original Fruits Basket references.. which makes me miss it more haha.

    The new characters look similar to the old ones though. I’m assuming all of their children went to the same high school as them lol which is strange because that doesn’t normally happen to most people. But it’s still fun to read although it’s very sad that Natsuki Takaya somehow wants people to move on from Fruits Basket. okay I’m done lol sorry it’s so long T.T

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Yeah, I took a look-see at Fruits Basket another. I wrote about that here.

      About the sequel, I’ve read somewhere that it was not possible because of the people that made Fruits Basket kind of left or something like that.

      I addressed that in the article. I think that was just an excuse. I believe the real reason for there not being a sequel anime is Takaya-sensei hated what was done to her story in the anime. My understanding is that she won’t allow any more of her manga titles to be adapted into an anime.

      Anyway, I need to see what’s new in Fruits Basket another.

  45. Trista says:


    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Sadly, the closest we’ll get is the Fruits Basket again manga, but Tohru, Yuki, and the others aren’t in it. Just the various Sohma children.

  46. Trista says:

    I want to see what happened to you her friendship between her and her friend! ?????????????

  47. Lani Aguilar says:

    new fruitsbasket is out,TODAY, after all this time. <3

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