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Urusei Yatsura: The Final Chapter (Movie) Review

Urusei Yatsura – Kanketsuhen Movie Review うる星やつら 完結編 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Lum awakes in class from a nightmare, accidentally electrocuting Onsen-sensei. After class, Lum tries telling the dream to Ataru, who’s not really interested in anything but the girl hunt. Sakura-sensei and Cherry both detect bad omens. They inform Ataru of this, inviting him to the local

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Urusei Yatsura Always My Darling (Movie 6) Review

Urusei Yatsura: Itsudatte My Darling Movie Review  うる星やつら いつだって・マイ・ダーリン  SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: It is a Japanese summer festival and Oyuki and Benten have dropped in for the fun. Ataru is doing his girl-hunt as four, small alien beings, dressed in Arabian-type garb, hunt for him since Ataru is the most lecherous person in the universe. The four

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Urusei Yatsura: Lum the Forever (Movie 4) Review

うる星やつら4 ラム・ザ・フォーエバー  Urusei Yatsura 4 – Lum the Forever Movie Review SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Shuutaro is ferrying Lum, Ataru, Shinobu, and Lum’s guards in a van after finishing shooting a film for the day. A power outage hits Tomobiki-cho as they arrive in town. At school the next day, Lum and Ran have lots of small birds

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Urusei Yatsura: Remember My Love (Movie 3)

うる星やつら3 リメンバー・マイ・ラブ Urusei Yatsura 3 Remember My Love Movie Review SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: In 1967 on a mostly deserted asteroid, the Old Woman of the Oak Forest is furious at not having received an invitation to the celebration of Lum’s birth. Thus, she has a curse created in the form of a crystal ball to prevent

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Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer (Movie 2)

うる星やつら2 ビューティフル・ドリーマー Urusei Yatsura Beautiful Dreamer (Movie 2) Review SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Ataru, Lum, and others from their class are relaxing in the ruins of Tomobiki-cho, Ataru looking exhausted. In the past, Ataru’s class are preparing a World War II themed cafe, complete with a Leopard tank from Shuutaro. Lum is looking for Ataru, who’s crashed out

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Urusei Yatsura: Only You

Urusei Yatsura: Only You (Movie)

うる星やつら オンリー・ユー Urusei Yatsura: Only You Urusei Yatsura Movie 1 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Eleven years earlier, a boy named Ataru played with an alien girl named Elle and became engaged to her. In the present, invitations go out to everyone Ataru knows, so the school is talking about Ataru two-timing Lum and wondering who Elle is. Megane

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