What I’m Watching 02

What I’m Watching 02

Not a ton watched this week, but a bit more than last week.

Negima!? 08 — The twins Fuuka and Fumika are looking to be adults with the help of Kaede. Negi and his parters explore the giant school library for a book. And of course, Negi ends up with new partners. Since the series doesn’t take itself too seriously and makes no bones about following the manga (simply taking ideas from there and making them into new stories), I’m having no problems with this series.

Negima!? 09 — After dreaming about his father and the Black Rose Baron, Negi and his partners are having a meeting, which of course Asuna has turned into a chupacabra meeting which leads to the group having a camp. Ayaka is depressed by this but found a way to comfort herself. Meanwhile at camp, the Black Rose Baron appears. Yuuna wants to touch Mana’s gun. Negi attempts to teach his harem magic at the camp. Kaede helps Negi as she’s at the camp ground for ninja training, and she knows Negi is a mage and everything that goes with it (pactio). Eva has the tea ceremony done by Chachamaru crashed by the two chupacabra. More fanservice in this episode than in earlier ones.

Negima!? 10 — Ayaka is jealous of the camping trip that Chupa Club went on with Negi and wants to know more. In a meeting to discuss the recent troubles, Eva promises not to help Negi or the others, despite the Headmaster’s offer. The Black Rose Baron appears again and Negi think it is his father Nagi under the control of the Star Crystal. Meanwhile, some of the girls not in the Chupa Club get captured by a fairy (looking like an escapee from Digimon) to fight Negi’s crew. A little more serious this time, but still has that silly humor I like in this series. And it ended with a Baka Rangers short. ^_^

Kanon 20 — Yuuichi confesses to Ayu and she to him. However, a visit to Ayu’s school in the woods leads to a surprising event and a desperate search for Ayu’s lost item. With this episode, the final girl story is being told and we’ll see how the writers do this. I know Ayu’s story had be bawling like a baby in the original Kanon, and I expect tears this time too.

Kanon 20

xxxHOLiC 18 — I really hate the changes to the manga story. But this expanded the manga chapter in which the cat spirit gives the Houzuki (lanter) to Watanuki, and he and Doumeki-kun participate in the Hyakkiyakou — the youkai parade. The anime writers made it more comical and added the Zashiki Warashi as well. So, I suppose these changes weren’t bad.

Well, that’s all for installment. Since I’m sick and have free time, I may do another one of these sooner than I thought.

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