What I’m Watching 15

Hayate no Gotoku 05 — Its a lovely day, so Nagi decides to skip school. Her rich friend AIZAWA Sakuya tries to call her, but Nagi hangs up on her. Sakuya literally drops in from a passing plane and states she’s there to see Nagi’s new butler. She’s not impressed with Hayate and decides he needs to improve his comedy skills where he likes it or not. She also decides to call him Mucho the Soybean Lover, which provokes a fierce attack from Nagi. As the two friends wait for their third female friend Isumi to arrive for a visit, Isumi has become lost leading her large staff of bodyguards to become frantic.

Meanwhile, Maria dispatches Hayate on an errand and gives him a cashmere coat to wear, warning him he must not damage the coat. Naturally, he finds himself under assault from all quarters with falling paint, squid ink, and more threating to damage his new coat. He flees to the park where at the vending machines where he met Nagi, he meets a young girl Nagi’s age in a kimono attempting to use a talisman paper as money. Hayate figures he should flee the lost girl (who can’t even remember where she was going), but aides her just the same. At that time, Isumi’s bodyguards arrive and figure Hayate for a kidnapper. He figures them for kidnappers and the chase is on. He gets the girl (Isumi) away but ruins the coat in the process. So he leaves her at the gates of Nagi’s estate before fleeing.

Thoughts: More funny stuff. I couldn’t get any of the “beep” jokes (where they reference some real anime/manga/other item) but that could be because I’m too tired to figure it out. Too bad the episode ends on a cliff hanger of sorts. I really hope FUNimation scores this somehow.

Pumpkin Scissors 16 — A masked member of the Silver Wheel arrives to give Mione his next quota of drugs to sell. However, the old man wants more, only to find that this single masked man is more than he bargained for. Section I troops from the Claymore One division arrive to take out Mione’s remaining forces. When they try to stop the masked man, those in his way are killed. Section III Pumpkin Scissors arrives on scene and Alice dispatches Oland to follow the 908 flamethrower trooper and take him out. Machs’ is ordered to follow Oland while Alice deals with Claymore One, using a giant double-ended bladed weapon. Finally, “Kauplan” arrives at her office with samples she took off of Oland, knowing that in the upcoming battle between the 901 (Oland) and the 908 (the flamethrower trooper), only one would survive.

Thoughts: Interesting, though in hindsight not a whole lot happened. We still have no progress on Oland’s story and yet we are being introduced to an apparent new villain character.

Keroro Gunsou 028 — In the first story, Keroro’s latest plan involves a massive amount of snow as this seems to brings humans to a halt. However, he soon discovers the reason that humans “get lazy” with the snow. However, Fuyuki decides to teach the platoon what snow is really good for, a snowball fight. This leads to two teams fighting with Natsumi and Momoka as hostages to be rescued. Paul and Giroro end up in a pitched battle while everyone else builds snowmen. In the second story, Kururu has some fun by pulling pranks and setting traps for everyone, leading to everyone getting very annoyed. This leads to everyone attempting to persuade Kururu to stop, with only one person having success.

Thoughts: For some reason, I was bored by these episodes. They weren’t bad, just…boring. Its weird because at times I find the series funny and at times (like this one) I don’t.

Well, more anime in a week.

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5 Responses to “What I’m Watching 15”

  1. Hughroe says:

    Have you been reading the Manga for Hayate?

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I have the first few volumes but I have not read it yet. I will, but I figured I’d get a better enjoyment from the anime not having read the manga.

  3. Hughroe says:

    Yeah, my mistake was reading the manga first, still it’s a good show

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I was just thinking about Keroro Gunsou. I’ve read the manga, so stories that I’ve already read aren’t that funny. I saw the same thing start to happen with the School Rumble series, so I watched the whole series and then started reading the manga. So now I don’t get the belly laughs from that manga, but I do still enjoy it (and remember the seiyuu voices).

  5. Anonymous says:

    skip reading the manga for now if you want to keep the laughs

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