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Tsubasa Chronicle 28 — Having recently arrived in Piffle World, Syaoran and company set out to quallify in the race to win Sakura-chan’s feather. During the quallification, Syaoran crashes when his air-car gets sabotaged. He suspects it is one of the other racers, many of whom they have met counterparts to in other worlds. That night at a party for racers, Tomoyo, the rich girl who’s company is sponsoring the race, summons Syaoran and company, letting them know her people are aware of the sabotage against them. Further, she befriends Sakura-chan and offers to make her a costume for the race. During the race, things seem well at first, but more sabotage “accidents” which nearly nail Sakura and Syaoran, one which does nail Fai, and a final one that appears to nail fellow racer Ryuuou.

Thoughts: This was my least favorite story-arc in the manga, and it is being stretched out big time in my opinion. But then, that was the trouble with the first season as well — drag things out. Basically, this is CLAMP does pod racing from Star Wars Episode I.

Keroro Gunsou 029 — The first story has Koyuki-chan convince Natsumi to participate in the school play “Peter Pan.” While Natsumi may be good at sports and school, she stinks when it comes to acting. Thus, Keroro takes it upon himself to train her to be a better actor. Things go well until the day of the play. Natsumi, playing the part of Wendy, suddenly sees Mutsumi in the audience and freezes up. Keroro can stand no more of this and with his human suit, barges on stage to dress down Natsumi. The old Natsumi wakes up and takes it out on Keroro, much to the delight of the crowd.

The second story has the school’s newspaper club (KSG, based on the Romji for the name) notice Keroro and track him. Despite being forbidden by Natsumi from wearing his “Earth suits,” he does anyway and is spotted. The KSG confronts Fuyuki and Natsumi takes it out on Keroro. When KSG makes an attempt to get the scoop at the Hinata home, Keroro’s platoon does everything they can to prevent them from learning the truth. Fuyuki feels sorry for the KSG and has them set free. KSG tries to tell people about the aliens, but all the evidence was destroyed making KSG look like fools.

Thoughts: The “Peter Pan” play story was new to me and somewhat fun. Interesting that in the second story, the Japanese used Romaji for the KSG (the school newspaper club) rather than Kanji/Kana. The second story was from the manga, but appeared modified because there were elements I didn’t remember (certainly, it was modified to fit in with the first story). I still love the “Afro Gunsou” ED music.

Pumpkin Scissors 19 — The members of Pumpkin Scissors overhear the shocking news of Alice’s wedding. She leaves, telling them she’ll be back in a few days, but Oland seems to take this news hard. So, Section III helps with a food distribution place in an area near to where Alice and her sisters are to attend a ball. Schultz, who is in love with Alice, is there but makes no impression and longs to know what will make her smile. During the course of the party, Paul, the Director of the Empire’s Economic Development Branch, shows up and offers to shake Alice’s hand, his covered in food goo. She’s saved from this by Leonir, who’s officially engaged to Alice. Alice and Leonir go off to talk where Alice states that she will no longer be head of the family as they have a 5-year old brother who will take that role. As such, she wishes to break of the engagement, something Leonir doesn’t want to happen. As they talk, Paul makes a scene when he discovers the caterer is serving hors d’oeuvres made from acorns. Alice rescues the man and shames the rich crowd by not only eating an hors d’oeuvres, but stating she’d hire the man.

Meanwhile at the food distribution point, Section III has just finished feeding the masses when Oland sees a child and his mother, the child’s hands freezing from the cold. So he gives the child his gloves. Immediately, several other children are there wanting gloves and Oland has to get Stekkin to help him out and make some mittens. Oland notes a group of men sneaking through the forest. He follows and sees they are just eating, but then sees their weapons. Too late, he notices two men sneaking up behind him, the group apparently preparing to revolt because of the corruption of Paul and the lavish party being held.

Thoughts: I know that ADV won’t bother with honorifics in the subtitles, but they sure say a lot as the writers use them as tools. So even though Schultz and Leonir are both members of importance in society (but not members of the Thirteen Appointed Families), Leonir addresses Schultz as “Schultz-kun,” showing he feels himself superior. Alice addresses both men with the “dono” honorific (showing proper respect, but not submitting to either). Leonir addresses Alice as “himegimi” (princess) and Schultz addresses Alice as “Alice-sama.” As to the story itself, these story-arcs are fine in and of themselves, but we never really seem to get to the big picture.

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