Hayate no Gotoku 10

Hayate no Gotoku 10
Hayate the Combat Butler Episode 10

SPOILER Summary:

Hayate no Gotoku 10Maria-san is singing on TV, apparently on some Japanese idol show and is being watched by a group of identical men when the TV explodes.

Sakuya is watching Nagi play a game on her PS3, only it isn’t one of the new HD games but an old RPG game. Losing, the game insults those of Kansai origin by telling them to go eat takoyaki (shown in the link with toppings) and rice. Sakuya loses it, and starts screaming at the TV in anger. When Nagi teases her about it, the game then insults Nagi, telling her she suck at game playing and calls her “chibiko” (little girl). Nagi loses it and the two of them attempt to destroy the game with Nagi vowing to use “AAA” as her name from now on while the viewers are showing a non-service fanservice shot of Hina-chan.

Maria-san walks in on them and wonders what they are doing. An angry Nagi informs Maria that they are ridding the world of an evil. Nagi wants to know what’s for dinner, but since its stuffed peppers, she’s not thrilled. Sakuya teases Nagi about her eating habits, implying it is the cause of her lack of growth in more than one way.

Hayate no Gotoku 10The next morning, Nagi doesn’t want to get up and isn’t happy about the sun rising. At breakfast, Sakuya takes off for school leaving an annoyed Nagi at the table. The scene is shown on a small TV and Nagi hits the pause on the remote. A cutout of Hayate is to her right and Maria is to her left as they appear to be in a studio. Nagi thinks she’s having déjà vu, but Maria explains the scene is from episode 8 and that this episode took place during episode 8.

Hayate no Gotoku 10Off to the side, Sakuya is reading the script where it states her character gets the urge to watch some sort of DVD and so her character returns to find the game console is alive. Back into the episode, Sakuya finds just this and the game’s evil female final boss begins threatening her. Unimpressed, Sakuya rings a bell and summons her two bodyguards Makita and Kunieda, who armed with fire extinguishers, spray the game console. The game console protests and Sakuya gets irritated when she realizes there wasn’t a fire, but the game console was talking. Now the game console has to end all of it’s sentences with “tima.”

Sakuya reasons that because the game is such a bad one, the hate for it accumulated and so it became a youkai during the night. She again summons Makita and Kunieda and instructs them to put an end to this thing by making sure to hit the reset button and the plug. The game protests, and the “tima” ending for its sentences annoys Sakuya. With another “tima,” another voice within the game calls for punishment and the room is flooded with takoyaki.

In the game, the final villain (a demon lord) is a cute female with giant breasts (think Naga from Slayers) and is unable to move or get out and has to say “tima” all the time. She reckons that in games, the Hero always shows up at the end. So if she defeats the Hero, she’s free. The narrator says this won’t happen as the game will return to the Title Screen, but The Great Stygian of Abe (Temp) won’t listen. She decides that she has to capture the Hero (tima). And so, with a giant rod-and-reel, she slings game controllers all through the mansion and mansion grounds.

Hayate no Gotoku 10As the “Tima” (as I’ll call the villain) eagerly awaits for a hero to be captured, we are shown the scene from episode 8 where Hayate is in a seifuku and trying to sneak out, when he steps on a game controller. Everywhere, her game controllers are stepped on and ignored, and she’s depressed that everyone is ignoring her. The three girls of the student council (Izumi-chan, Miki-chan, and Risa-chan) are at Nagi’s front gate, but since no one is answering, they attempt to leave, Miki-chan kicks one of the controllers, then stops to pick it up. She’s being reeled in, but Izumi-chan catches her by the leg. Unfortunately, she notices Miki-chan’s cute new panties along with Risa-chan, which results in the three of them being pulled into the game world.

Hayate no Gotoku 10Tima’s grateful voice is heard thanking the trio for noticing her, along with the “boing” sounds. Rika-chan ID’s this sound and as Tima keeps talking and instructing them to come to the castle, they are attacked by a slime, RPG style. Rika-chan also figures out everything that is going on and as Tima is waiting for them, Rika-chan rushes behind the taller Risa-chan, stating she’s the hero. The slime attacks and Risa-chan is hit for 42837 points of damage and is “killed.” Now in a coffin, Risa-chan tells them the rest is up to them. Tima realizes her mistake and has the slime monster killed, but Izumi-chan is reduced to 1 HP. For her actions, the skull helm Tima wears punishes her.

As the three girls argue, Isumi-san senses the youkai but instead of coming to Nagi’s game room, she ends up at the indoor onsen. As she bathes, Izumi-chan uses her cell phone to summon a mecha, then call Hina-chan who immediately arrives. She doesn’t believe they are really in the game.

Hayate no Gotoku 10While the foursome head to the castle, Nagi is back in the studio and decides to read some fan mail of the anime series and answer it. One viewer thinks that Maria-san is in her twenties, but read that she was really 17. Maria-san is a bit depressed by the fact that she appears older than 17, swearing she’s still young and fresh.

Now that the foursome has had time to reach the final castle (complete with RPG costume change), Tima sets off the final attack which ends up dropping a large washing pan on her head. Tima, defeated, states she’s ready to go but not ready to go. So the skull helm dispatches punishment which hits everyone. Izumi-chan, Risa-chan, and Mika-chan now find themselves on Nagi’s property but with no memory of their adventure while Hana-chan is sent back to school. Isumi-san opens the door on the game room where Sakuya is upset with how the game ended and how she’s been mistreated.


From what the anime stated, this is an original episode by Hata-sensei, the mangaka of the manga this anime is based on. If so, that’s pretty cool.

We got an explanation of why there was a game controller in the yard in episode 8, which was funny, even if not required. We also got an explanation of how the three student council girls wound up on the estate grounds. I don’t know who voiced Tima, but her “Urusai! Urusai! Urusai!” (~”Shut up!” times 3) usage were the same thing that Nagi’s seiyuu KUGIMIYA Rie used as Shana in the anime Shakugan no Shana.

No Hayate in this episode save for a cutout of him and a couple of flashbacks.

I’ve seen RPG parodies before, but this one was pretty funny I have to say.


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