Hayate no Gotoku 11

SPOILER Summary: Maria suggests that Nagi visit her grandfather at the main (Sanzenin) house. Nagi doesn’t want to and warns Hayate that he’s powerful enough to erase his existence from the world. However, the three of them are soon on their way the Nagi’s grandfather’s mansion in their executive helicopter, joined by Sakuya who has to remind Nagi she’s also a relative. As Hayate attempts to learn more about Nagi’s grandfather, Sakuya weaves a rather impressive tale which Maria states is a lie.

They approach Nagi’s grandfather’s place, which turns out to be a very Disney-esque castle, making Hayate to question what country they are in. Hayate wonders what the man does and Nagi seems to think he’s an oil baron. Landing, they are met by a huge staff, who all bow and greet Nagi-ojousama. However, the staff aren’t sure about Hayate, assuming him to be a stow away on the helicopter because of his poor-man look.

Inside, Hayate is depressed because what happened outside. Nagi and Maria try to comfort him, but won’t make eye content with him. He’s given the boot to allow Nagi to change for her meeting with her grandfather. Wandering around the grounds, he spots a vase and ponders if this could be sold to pay off his ¥150-million debt. A voice tells him that the vase isn’t worth enough to pay off the debt and Hayate is left attempting to explain he wasn’t really planning on stealing it. The voice comes from an older man who tells him that he knew Hayate really wasn’t going to steal it just by looking at him.

The old man states he lives at the castle and is taking care of the garden. The old man notes that Hayate doesn’t believe in his sight based on a comment Hayate made, and so tosses an ax at Hayate which Hayate just manages to avoid. The old man tells Hayate he’ll further prove how accurate his eyes are, and has Hayate follow him. From a distance, the old man points into a window at the castle, where Nagi just happens to be changing in front of. Hayate is shocked by this and drags the old man off, not wanting to have any part in peeping on Nagi.

The old man asks how Hayate ended up with a ¥150-million debt, and Hayate explains about his worthless parent. Nagi had paid off the debt, but Hayate is determined to pay Nagi back, even though it will take 40-years to do so. The old man decides that Hayate’s life is worthless then. The old man states the things he’s seen, even before these happened (being able to accurately predict events). A life spent repaying a debt is worthless, and tosses Hayate a pendant that has a weird aura, loudly calling it a guide. The old man further states that if Hayate can obtain what is beyond its guidance, then he can forget the ¥150-million.

Back at the castle, Nagi has changed and Maria is starting to change. Nagi wonders if they don’t need a gag of some sort, which Maria states she doesn’t, to Nagi’s disappointment. Sakuya is desperate for a gag, and a harisen hanging from the ceiling seems just the ticket to appease her Kansai blood. Using the harisen, Sakuya attempt to whack Nagi, who avoids the attack. Nagi states this kind of comedy is old, resulting in Sakuya chasing Nagi around with the harisen.

The old man comes in and asks his granddaughter Nagi if she wishes to have his estate. She states she doesn’t need it, but wouldn’t mind him dying and continues to read the newspaper. Grandfather goes crying to Maria about this bullying, but Nagi continues to explain that with her business and with the stock market, she won’t have any trouble with money. Grandfather complains about Nagi gaining more unnecessary knowledge, which Nagi reminds him he put into her head.

Hayate is a bit depressed about Grandfather’s remarks and Nagi comes to get him as she’s ready to leave. She has a hard time saying why, so the narrator has to take over telling why, and its because her grandfather will give his estate away to the person who can make Nagi cry and apologize. This caused Nagi to punch her grandfather and in the present, she tells Hayate she’d rather die than say something like that.

A fake foreigner arrives, having been dispatched by Grandfather, who’s determined to gain control of the estate. To do so, he believes that taking out Hayate is the way to go. As the fake foreigner attacks, Hayate considers what would happen to Nagi should she lose everything. He remembers how Nagi saved him from the yakuza and when he was ill, cooked for him. As such, he needs to protect her no matter what and he defeats the fake foreigner. He then promises Nagi to protect her from anyone who’d make her cry. Nagi is very touched by this, and they then take the helicopter home.

Back in the castle, Grandfather is depressed that Maria is gone and gets whacked by Sakuya with her harisen. She’s upset she didn’t get any cash on this visit and he wonders why she’s still here when the helicopter has taken off. Sakuya is shocked by this and reflects on the cold, cruel world.

Thoughts: I was somewhat disappointed by this episode. For starters, it felt stretched to me with the writers desperate to put something into the episode to fill time. There was a lack of humor in this episode, which the writers reflect on with the filler interlude of Sakuya finding a harisen and attacking Nagi. I guess with the pendant, we *might* have the start of a plot since Nagi’s grandfather states (for the audience) that Hayate better not lose it and it showed up in the preview for next week. I haven’t been watching this for plot, but I hope this won’t mean a reduction in the humor level overall.

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