Negima! Vol 19 (Ch 174) *SPOILERS*

Thanks to AQS for the scans.

Chapter 174: Now that summer vacation has started, Yuuna is staying with her dad again and sleeping in. She gets up and putting on a bra, notes that she’s going to have to get a bigger one. Her dad is reading papers on Fate Averruncus (last seen in volume 6 after deciding not to fight Eva) when Yuuna busts into his study. He quickly hides the papers, but Yuuna sees this and is suspicious about what he’s hiding. When she goes for it, she extracts ero magazines, which she throws at her father.

As Yuuna prepares breakfast, she decides she doesn’t mind her father having such magazines around since he’s an adult. She’s stunned to learn her father has only been eating instant food stuffs and not preparing real meals. He compliments her on her cooking, stating she’ll make a good wife. She replies (jokingly) that she’d like to marry him, which causes him to respond that maybe she shouldn’t say things like that. She gets embarrassed because she was joking and trying to be cute.

Yuuna is a bit frustrated at her dad’s slobby appearance and feels he’s no good without her to look after him. She sends him off to shave and notices a photo fall from him. It is a picture of a blond woman and has a telephone number. As her father asks about Negi, she tells him a few things while pondering who this woman is. The phone rings and the number on the caller-ID is the same as on the photo. She gives the phone to her dad, who after talking a bit, hangs up and tells Yuuna he’ll be late.

Later, Yuuna tells Makie, Ako, and Akira that her father is cheating, even though he’s not currently married. They tail her father to his meeting with the blond woman. She’s not happy with this woman and despite her protests, the other girls see nothing wrong, commenting that Yuuna’s “Papa love” might be going a bit too far.

Professor Akashi and the blond woman talk while sitting in the outdoor section of a restaurant. She notes Yuuna and her friends spying on them, which he states is his daughter and her friends. Keeping up the appearance of normal talk, the two discuss Fate and the lack of a connection with Chao as well as his connections with the Graf.

Makie and Ako decide to check things out better while Yuuna and Akira are left behind. They learn the woman’s name is Donnet McGuinness from England. Returning to Yuuna and Akira, Ako and Makie think Donnet is good, but Yuuna is not convinced. That night, she has trouble sleeping because of this and when she does sleep, she has a memory-dream of herself as a kid, holding a practice wand, walking home with her mother.

The next morning, Yuuna tells her dad they are going on a father-daughter date, no matter what. They spend the day together, spending lots of his money, and when the date ends, Yuuna tells her father that she’s OK with him marrying the blond. He’s puzzled by this but when Donnet shows up, Yuuna learns that Donnet was an old friend of her mother. Yuuna is embarrassed by this and when they walk home, Yuuna asks if he still like Mom. He says he still loves her. Yuuna tells him she won’t get mad if he gets remarried and he reminds her he has no partner.

Thoughts: While we’ve seen cameos of Yuuna’s dad from the festival, it was neat seeing how he is studying about Fate. That he and Yuuna’s mother were mages seems obvious. Too bad we didn’t learn what became of Yuuna’s mother. For Akamatsu-sensei to do a whole chapter solely about Yuuna (with hints of Fate and the Graf also thrown in), I can’t help but wonder if somehow she’ll now be a factor in the upcoming Wales arc.

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  1. Rikuchu says:

    Akamatsu does appear to use fore-thought in his planning… therefore Yuuna is destined to play a role within the magical/main story. What remains to be seen is whether her close friends will join her, though with the Makie love out there one would assume its a given.

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