Hayate no Gotoku 12

SPOILER Summary: In a flashback, we see young Hayate reading his report in school, which relays a sad tale of how bad things are at his home. He doesn’t seem sad as he reads his report, but the report has his class shocked. Before he reveals what his dream is, he awakens and remembers his visit with Nagi’s grandfather.

Later as Hayate and Maria are cleaning, he asks her what her dream is. Maria states her dream is for Nagi (name unsaid) to become a good adult. She wonders about the question, and Hayate states that dreams are motivation for people to live, which shocks Maria and makes her own dream seem rather worthless. Hayate presses the point, citing people in history such as Mozart.

Meanwhile Nagi hasn’t been able to sleep because she remembers what Hayate told her — that he’d protect her from those who’d make her cry. She comes out of her bedroom and sees the excellent cleaning job Hayate has done and she and Maria talk about Hayate. Maria tells Nagi about how hard Hayate is working and how he has a purpose behind it. Nagi imagines this to mean a future for herself and Hayate (complete with him in a wedding dress). Maria asks Nagi about her dreams and Nagi replies how she wants to become a mangaka and sell 100-billion copies of her works. This shocks Maria (and depresses her a bit), but when Nagi asks further about Hayate’s dream and Maria says it must be big, Nagi gets that love-love feeling, which Maria understands may be misplaced.

Outside while cleaning, Maria asks Hayate about his dream and learns his dream is to live in a 3LDK — meaning his dream is to live in a house (own it?) where there are separate rooms for the living room, dining room, and kitchen. We see a flashback to Hayate at school revealing this dream, which has his classmates and sensei in tears. Maria is stunned by this and Hayate wonders if such a dream is too big. Maria assures him that big dreams are best. She tells him to purchase a new cell phone and to take the rest of the day off since he needs a break.

Purchasing his new cell phone, Hayate wonders about his old high school — Shiomi Municipal High School. Figuring that since he’s paid the tuition, he can return and so does so. However, he gets cold feet at the school’s gate until his female classmate, Nishizawa-san, sees him. She wonders where he’s been and he tells her in brief, everything including how he’s working as a butler. She figures he has to be joking. As they talk, other classmates come by including Souya-kun. He figured Hayate had dropped out and begins teasing Nishizawa-san regarding Hayate’s return since she has a crush on him. This results in Nishizawa’s wrath coming down on Souya-kun.

A sensei comes up and wonders why Hayate is there since he dropped out of school. This brings Nishizawa’s wrath upon the sensei, but it turns out that Hayate’s parents filled out the dropout paperwork and took the remaining tuition money, which was money that Hayate paid with his own money. The sensei continues to talk trying to defend what happened which results in more wrath from Nishizawa.

Hayate decides to leave, so Nishizawa decides to confess her love for him. He’s surprised by this, but he thinks of Nagi and so turns her down. Initially, he states his reason is that he’s only interested in 2-D girls (including a censored image of what appears to be Suzumiya Haruhi). He tells them that’s a joke and says he has someone he can’t leave alone. This brings the wrath of Nishizawa on Hayate. Hayate returns home and Nagi takes his cell phone and puts herself into his #1 slot.

At Waturu-kun’s video store, Nishizawa returns some videos and is wanting to understand men. When the discussion turns to anime, Nishizawa ends up making a retreat. Hayate comes to the same video store and returns some videos. He liked them but Nagi didn’t like them much. As Nagi and Waturu talk, Nishizawa remembers she was supposed to pick up a video for Kazuki and returns to see Hayate leaving the store and figures she has a 2nd chance to make things right with him. She tries to catch him but continues to fail to do so. She ends up at Nagi’s mansion where she sees Hayate enter. She’s stunned by this and realizes that Hayate’s story must have been real, only he’s got to be held captive by yakuza. Before she can do anything, she’s captured by Nagi’s security forces. They consult with Maria, who thinks it could be a friend of Hayate’s and asks them to let go of her hands. They completely release her and Nishizawa is off in a flash.

Having lost the security on Nagi’s vast estate, Nishizawa is spotted by Tama. Nishizawa is stunned by a tiger being on the grounds, and takes off running. Tama finds he has no choice but to chase her. He wonders if this is his natural instinct kicking in and when he catches up to Nishizawa, his instinct is to lick her all over. She screams for Hayate and he comes to her rescue, kicking Tama away.

Before they can talk much, Nagi comes and immediately, Nagi and Nishizawa see each other as rivals. Nagi’s fighting force shows in the form of a Chinese dragon and Nishizawa’s form is that of a hamster, which is immediately eaten by the dragon. Nishizawa retreats, vowing to come up with a stronger hamster and Nagi wants to make sure that Hayate doesn’t leave her.

Nagi reflects on everything Nagi has done for her and decides she must do something for him.

Thoughts: This was a very funny episode once the story got to Nishizawa. It was even funnier how powerful she is with everyone else, but when it came to Nagi, her power was that of a hamster. I now know why Nishizawa kept being shown in cameos though seeing as how she will apparently have a greater role to play in the story. Love-triangles in romantic comedies are often funny.

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