Record of Lodoss War (TV) 16

SPOILER Summary: Spark’s company arrives at the holy city of Valis, which is ruled by the king-priest Etoh. The city is hard pressed and looking for assistance from other places. Spark delivers his message to the king, who tells Spark that if he hasn’t recovered the treasure (Soul Crystal Ball), King Kashue’s orders are for him to return to the kingdom of Flaim. Spark is unhappy by this, but in a meeting before they have to attend a banquet, Spark is talked into at least checking out the docks of the city as they know the Soul Crystal Ball has to be delivered and head to the enemy country of Kanon.

With Neese remaining behind to visit with King Etoh, Spark’s group heads to the docs. Ryna suggests they let the rumor slip that they are looking for a ship heading to Kanon and so the group heads to a tavern/inn. The group starts eating and when Spark protests, Ryna takes matters into her own hands to get the rumor going by giving the landlord a gem as incentive. Then she tells the group they have to head to other taverns to ensure the word is spread.

Meanwhile, King Etoh and Neese discuss the other great treasure, the Staff of Life. Etoh reveals that an attempt was made to steal it, but that wasn’t successful. Relieved the staff is safe, Neese plans to go all the way to Marmo if she has to, for Spark’s sake as well as other reasons (such as staying out of the hand of a dark wizard).

As the sun sets, Spark’s group has had no luck, but his companions are proud of Spark nonetheless. They are about to leave when a group of men challenge them, wanting to know if they are truly wishing to be mercenaries for Marmo. When Spark confirms this, the men turn out to be sailors of Valis who are determined to not allow Marmo’s ranks to swell any further. Aldo casts a sleep spell which puts some to sleep and some to be dazed for a moment. Spark’s group flees, but the dwarf cleric Greevus begins to fall behind, forcing Spark to order the large warrior Garrack to help him fend off the sailors until Greevus can get away.

Spark and Garrack do their part, but soon are surrounded as their attack have not been to harm or kill their opponents. Leaf returns and summons Will o’ Wisps to help them escape, having to tell them to do so since they were too stupid to know an opportunity to escape when one presented itself. The trio split up with Spark fleeing down an alley and a young man in black named Jay offers him a hiding place. Spark’s stupidity prevents him from doing anything until the last possible moment. His rescuer turns out to be someone who can get him to Marmo

Thoughts: Man, this title has been hard for me to watch, mainly because it doesn’t keep my interest. So why keep watching? To write a proper review of course.

Anyway, while I suppose the series is not without some interest, the sheer stupidity of the characters at times combined with that unrealistic, “Oh Spark! You’re such a great guy!” is what makes me ill. Still, I suppose there’s naught to do but press on with the final 10 episodes.

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