Record of Lodoss War (TV) 19

SPOILER Summary: Spark and company arrive at Marmo-occupied Kanon and plot their strategy to get to the island of Marmo. Taking the mountain path, the group eventually arrives at the remains of a village, which has been completely destroyed. Doing some investigating in the ruins, they are attacked by a giant lizard creature which Spark destroys.

Taking shelter in a nearby cave for the evening, Leaf has brought fresh fruit for the party to eat. Spark and Greevus are on guard duty above the cave when Neese comes to assist. Spark only wants her to be protected when they are attacked by Daybreak Mercenaries — a group lead by a human and consisting mainly of goblins.

As the fight continues, Spark and Aldo race around to try to get behind the mercenary forces with Neese joining them. The leader of the mercenaries sees this and with some goblins, pursues them. They trap them when the ground ends at a cliff’s edge. Spark wants Neese to flee but she won’t. Spark takes down some goblins and Aldo puts the rest to sleep. The leader decides to bring in an ogre, who knocks Aldo aside despite his Shield spell. Spark again tries to get Neese to flee and he foolishly attacks, only to get knocked back. Neese still won’t flee and indeed, casts a powerful spell that not only shields herself and Spark, but knocks the giant ogre off his feet.

Spark refuses to thank Neese for saving his life, instead he continues to demand she flee. Eventually she managed to get through his blind stupidity and so he agrees to work with her. She casts a binding spell on the ogre and Spark slays it. The leader of the mercenaries flees and the rest of Spark’s group joins him. They find a large amount of supplies that the mercenaries had and Spark finally thanks Neese for saving his life. Before they can enjoy some food, they are attacked by the Kanon Free Army lead by Parn.

Thoughts: How come when Aldo casts a sleep spell, there always seems to be one or two to get away and make commentary? Regardless, the clichéd shounen stuff with Spark is a little much for me to swallow at times.

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