Hayate no Gotoku 19

SPOILER Summary: Nagi is in her rec room watching a horror movie. She remarks to Hayate and Maria that she’ll apparently die if she doesn’t show the movie to two other people within one week. Hayate freaks because its the same curse as in “the circular movie.” This causes Nagi and and Maria to laugh at the absurdity of it and as the narrator begins to say what the actual name of the movie is, Hayate stops him.

At the video store, Wataru is annoyed with Nagi having a video out late again. He notes that the circular movie is gone from the shelf as his maid Saki enters the store. However, Saki seems a bit depressed about something.

At Nagi’s place, Maria and Hayate discuss things like spirits out in the yard. Maria has some watermelon and as the two eat, Hayate learns that Nagi is currently working on a new manga. Wataru joins them. He tells them that Nagi has some overdue videos and when Hayate remarks on the strange horror movie they watched, Wataru states that the copy Nagi has is a fake one (whether that means bootleg or not, I can’t tell). As they continue to talk, Hayate notices that Maria gets frightened by the turn of the conversation.

Wataru tells them of Saki’s depression. He reveals that Saki had recently turned 20 which Hayate reflects will mean that her Coming of Age Ceremony is coming in a year. Wataru thinks back to a conversation he had with Saki about that very topic and his promise to buy her a furisode. He didn’t do it and now her birthday has come and gone. Hayate asks Maria when her Coming of Age Ceremony will be, then remembers that she’s only 17, especially when Maria gets very annoyed about his thinking she’s older than 17.

Back home, Wataru asks Saki about her depression and wonders if it is because he forgot to give her a present. Saki says it isn’t but reveals that no one did anything for her on her birthday, leading to more guilt on Wataru’s part. He rushes to consult with Nagi, who attacks him when he rudely states that no one would want to buy her a present. Hayate is glad to see the two of them playing together and goes to make tea. Wataru tells Nagi he wants to buy a furisode so she provides a store for him, thinking he’s wanting to buy Isumi something.

When asked about the price, Nagi remarks that its cheaper than two Ferrari’s. This stuns Wataru, who wonders what kind of clothing would be worth one such car. Nagi replies that the chair she attacked him with earlier cost more and that he’s worthless if he can’t spend the required money for the girl he wants to buy a gift for. She offers him a briefcase full of cash since officially they are engaged.

Elsewhere, Hayate is dazzled by the brightness of how clean everything is. He’s also surprised to see all the roach traps that she’s laid down. She’s apparently afraid of cockroaches. What do you know, but from a well, a human-sized roach appears and attacks the house.

Saki is on a bench and happy that Wataru was concerned for her birthday, and thinks of how her grandmother didn’t even call. Her grandmother, KIJIMA Rei, is apparently famous and Saki traveled with her on adventures all over the world as a child (Saki’s parents are missing). Getting lost in the Sahara, they are rescued by Enkyou and Saki enters Wataru’s service. Of course Wataru was better than Saki at everything despite his young age.

Back at Nagi’s place, the giant cockroach is on the move and Hayate flees with Maria, vowing to protect her. Nagi’s defense droids are unable to take the giant creature down and as it moves back in on Hayate and Maria, Hayate’s attack is thwarted by the pendant he received from Nagi’s grandfather. As such, Maria faces her fears and stands up to the giant cockroach, causing it to back down. It returns to the mansion where it runs into Isumi, who’d just arrived. She destroys the creature quite easily.

Nagi comes out about all the noise and seeing Isumi, learns that Wataru hasn’t talked to her yet. So she sends Isumi to Wataru’s place because he has a gift for her. When she arrives, Wataru has a choice to make, especially since the yukata he ended up purchasing for Saki is one that Isumi really likes. Instead, he gives her a DVD set which pleases her a great deal and Saki gets the yukata, which was all Wataru could afford since he wouldn’t take Nagi’s money. With that, he and Saki as well as Hayate, Maria, and Nagi head to a summer festival, the girls all wearing yukata’s.

Thoughts: Another enjoyable and fun episode, though I wish I knew all the parody references. I was surprised to see the pendant again because I’d forgotten about it, even though I had thought when it was given to Hayate, it would be a plot element of some point. I don’t know that there will be anything made of the pendant but it was interesting that it showed up now.

References: There were several (as always) but it is always difficult to catch them all. So I will only note the ones I know. The ones I don’t know will be added later IF someone provides me the answer.

  1. The horror movie at the beginning of the episode is clearly a parody of the Japanese horror movie Ringu.
  2. There’s a Miss Pac-Man game in Nagi’s room on the floor cushion with the movie and some other items.
  3. Saki’s grandmother looks a lot like main character from the manga (and forthcoming anime) Kamen no Maid Guy. Saki’s grandmother solves a mystery Conan-style and the accused looks a lot like Conan from Detective Conan.
  4. The Jet Stream Attack used by Nagi’s defense droids comes right out of Mobile Suit Gundam. Apparently, there were three guys there known as the Black Tri-Stars who used this attack (presumably with their Gundam units, but then I’ve never seen any of those shows).
  5. The DVD boxed set that Wataru-kun gave to Isumi-san was for the live-action tokusatsu series Choukou Senshi Changèrion. That is the actual DVD set cover too.
  6. HIMURA Kenshin and KIMIYA Kaoru from Rurouni Kenshin are at the summer festival watching the fireworks at the end of the episode.

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3 Responses to “Hayate no Gotoku 19”

  1. HughRoe says:

    Ah yes, the Shotacon maid.

    And still yet another out of sequence episode.

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I take it that in the manga, this story came someplace else (earlier or later)?

  3. HughRoe says:

    Earlier, all the non-school episodes that have been shown so far, in the manga, happened during the Winter/Christmas/New Year break

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