Record of Lodoss War (TV) 24

SPOILER Summary: The Ancient Black Dragon Narse has risen, thanks to Karla and now Spark and Parn’s parties will have to fight. However, even though it never leaves the ground, its claw, tail, and breath attacks are more than enough to not only fend off attacks from this group of heroes, but to defeat them as well. The battle goes poorly until Queen Shiris and her Moss Highland Dragon Riders arrive. While her dragons are pretty small compared to Narse, they make up for it in numbers and speed.

Leaving Shiris’s forces to battle Narse (to Karla’s annoyance), the party moves on while Ashram receives intelligence showing that Shiris’s forces are currently battling Narse. He knows they have a day at best and so orders a retreat to save his people. Leaving Pirotess to carry out his orders, Ashram leaves to find out what Wagnard is up to.

Narse gives Shiris’s Dragon Riders grief, even though this Ancient Black Dragon still hasn’t left the ground. Meanwhile the Spark and Parn show arrives at where Karla is. She tells them she wants the balance of Grey, not the tipping of scales to Light or Dark. She reveals that she has been behind things and tells them they are responsible for the final battle with Kardis returning from slumber.

Wagnard continues his lengthy preparations and spell-casting, despite the fact that the curses placed on him cause him pain as he continues to perform the ceremony to bring back Kardis. Ashram pays Wagnard a vist, revealing that he doesn’t care if Kardis is brought back or not as he’s taking the residence of Marmo and will flee with them to someplace new.

As Shiris’s forces take a beating, Narse decides its finally time to take to the skies. However, before he can eliminate these pesky small dragons with their human riders, the Ancient Gold Dragon from Moss, Mycen, intercept Narse and in the brief battle that follows, Mycen wins.

Karla is not pleased by this turn of events and offers the heroes two choices — die and she will prevent Kardis from being resurrected or they can fight Kardis, but she will aid Wagnard. Spark chooses to fight, even if he can connect his sword with Karla’s shadow body.

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