Haou Taikei Ryuu Knight 36

Lord of Lords Ryu Knight Episode 36

SPOILER Summary: Hagu Hagu tries to catch some fish in a stream unsuccessfully while Adeu in Zephyr and Gesshin in Hayatemaru are in a training session. Adeu is able to defeat Gesshin and afterward, Gesshin admits that he’d hoped the training would have brought out the power of the Spirit Stones. They, along with Gratches, head back into town to eat with the rest of the group. Katze examines the Spirit Stones within their respective weapons but can’t determine anything about them. Gesshin wonders why only Adeu has been able to “class change” his Ryu unit with the power of his Spirit Stone. However, he’s not really sure how he’s doing it since every time he does it, he’s been busy with the moment at hand.

As they talk, an earthquake happens and Earth Blade, the gigantic sword piercing the ground, begins to glow red briefly. They understand that the barrier keeping the Jya-ryuzoku out is weakening and Sarutobi is anxious to find Galden and reclaim his Spirit Stone. On cue, Galden appears, leading Sarutobi and Adeu to summon their Ryu units. Idoro flies overhead in the flying base and warns him he doesn’t have time for a fight, but Galden won’t listen and summons Dark Knight Steru. Galden taunts Sarutobi by showing him that Steru has the Spirit Stone within it.

Adeu and Sarutobi flee to a valley of sorts and Adeu tries to warn Galden about the forthcoming arrival of the Jya-ryuzoku forces. As they fight, two giant meteors fall to the ground and much to Idoro’s chagrin, two Jya-ryuzoku warriors (Gelt and Zars) emerge. Realizing the greater danger is the Jya-ryuzoku warriors, Adeu and Sarutobi turn their attentions there. An attack from Galden comes between the warring parties as Galden wishes to defeat the two Ryu units first before defeating the Jya-ryuzoku. Idoro demands he allow the Jya-ryuzoku to fight the Ryu units. He wants to know why and is stunned when Gelt and Zars begin chastising Idoro for not doing her job.

The others arrive in their Ryu units and join the fray, but their attacks lead Gelt and Zars to comment on how weak Ryu riders are now compared to 1000-years ago. Idoro again attempts to get Galden to join the fight on the side of the Jya-ryuzoku but he resists. Gelt and Zars dismiss him as a half-breed and Idoro confirms that Galden is the product of a merger between the Galden family (who control powerful dark magic) and the Jya-ryuzoku. Not only that, but Idoro is also a Jya-ryuzoku. This news briefly has Galden struggle within himself, but he soon rejoins the fight and injures Gelt. This give Adeu and opening and he class changes into Ryu Paladin. He fires a Meteor Zapper attack which dispatches the two Jya-ryuzoku.

Idoro is not happy with this turn of events and attempts to flee in the flying base. However, Galden is not about to let that happen and destroys the flying base. Idoro manages to get away in an escape pod and tells Galden that he will have no choice but to bow to the Jya-ryuzoku. Adeu attemps to keep Galden here, but he races off to find Idoro.

Summary: Well, I was right about Idoro as I stated she had to be a Jya-ryuzoku for Dragode to not turn on her. I didn’t expect Galden to be half Jya-ryuzoku, but this wasn’t any kind of stunning revelation. At this point, I really don’t have a feel for how they’ll make Galden, but I’ll now predict that his mecha unit is some sort of perverted Ryu unit and he’ll uncover its real identity at some point.

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