Ah! My Goddess Ch. 227 *SPOILERS*

ああっ女神さまっVolume 36 Chapter 227
Summary: Watson-san (Megumi) is suffering from a terrible headache so Purple-san (Keiichi) goes off to look for medicine. He finds a pill that he can’t identify and hold it up. That causes a heart-felt reaction from Moriarty (Urd), who thinks she must be attracted to Purple-san and finds that impossible. Purple-san continues to look and finds a weird gun, which when he holds it up, causes a reaction from Lestrade (Skuld). Her racing heart makes her think she’s hot for Purple-san and so she decides to embrace him. Urd does the same and Watson figures to get in on the action when Holmes (Belldandy) sees this and a massive wind blows through the structure and creates a lot of damage.

Holmes is a little embarrassed and wonders what caused that. Purple tries to assure her, but does believe she has some kind of power which she agrees. Purple and Moriarty examine the gun-thing again and their remarks makes Lestrade irritated, but she denies that she would ever own a thing like that. However, when Watson thinks it is cute, Lestrade gets all excited, leading Moriarty to say she knew it was Lestrade’s. However, Lestrade remembers nothing, and Purple sees the unease of everyone not knowing who they are.

Holmes sees Purples contemplation and embraces him lovingly, telling him it will be OK. This makes Purple feel better though now Lestrade has a negative reaction to seeing them so close together.

Thoughts: Hmmm. Everyone loses their memories isn’t grabbing my goat.

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