Clannad 21

クラナド Episode 21

SPOILER Summary:

The Theater Club goes through the riggers of preparing for the play, which will be done at the school festival. Various tasks are assigned out but there’s no one to make the costume. So it is decided to as Sanae-san if she can make the costumes, which she’s happy to do. Nagisa feels bad for asking her mom such a thing, but Tomoya assures her that Sanae-san is the right person. The two of them head up to the living quarters where Akio-san has a video tape for them to watch of a play, so they can get an idea of how to properly perform. Nagisa is very touched by this play. That night, Akio-san summons Tomoya where they head to the shed to look for the story that Nagisa remembers for her play. However, they have no luck finding it and Akio-san hastily returns the boxes to the shed.

The following day, Nagisa has an idea for music to use for the play based on the video her father lent her. After going over what Nagisa has written story-wise, the Music Club then comes up with a CD that Nagisa thinks is perfect. Tomoyo comes by the Theater Club room to see how they are doing and is wearing glasses, which Tomoya finds interesting since she’s never worn them before. Tomoyo and Nagisa promise to continue on the paths they are on and Tomoyo mentions that she’s glad it was Nagisa, a reference to the fact that Tomoya obviously chose Nagisa over all the other girls even if he hadn’t said so in actuality.

Time passes and the school festival draws nigh. Its time for the final rehearsal, done on the actual stage, before the play the following day. Nagisa is very nervous since she’s playing the part of the Mystery Girl in the play. So the others try to calm her down, though Sunohara ends up making her nervous again. However, they all huddle together, put their hands together and give a “lets go.” With that, Nagisa heads on stage and the rehearsal is on.

That evening, Nagisa and Tomoya return to her home where they are greeted by Nagisa’s parents. The rehearsal went well and Akio-san is sure that the idol agencies will soon be at their door. Tomoya finds this an exaggeration, leading an annoyed Akio-san to tell him to just agree with the idea. Nagisa states that Tomoya never flatters. The conversation turns to the possibility of Tomoya having a daughter and doting on her. Tomoya doesn’t see that happening, though Nagisa does, especially since Tomoya and her father are so much alike, something Akio-san finds distressing.

Later than night, Nagisa comes by Tomoya’s room to visit and talk. She’s very nervous about the upcoming performance. She again mentions how she feels she did something bad to them in the past. Tomoya remembers his conversation with Akio-san and tries to assure her that she’s not to blame. After their talk, Nagisa feels better and so takes her leave. She returns to her room to pack her costume and other things she might need. She decides to get a flashlight, but the batteries are out. So she goes to the shed to get another flashlight. As she does, she accidentally knocks over some boxes, spilling their content, which she then begins to gather up.

In the middle of the night, Tomoya wakes to use the bathroom. After finishing his business, he stops to peek in Nagisa’s room and is surprised to find her up, with all the mementos (diaries and pictures) all around her. Her father was an actor and had given it up for Nagisa, which has left her in a state of shock. Tomoya sends Nagisa to bed and Akio-san comes down to learn of Nagisa’s discovery.


I suppose it was predictable that Nagisa would learn of her father’s past just before her big moment in the spotlight. I like how Tomoya and Nagisa have gotten even closer and how he’s able to calm her and even got her to go to bed after her shocking discovery. Too bad there’s only one more regular episode left. I hear there’s talk of a sequel to pick up the “after story,” which if that happens, that would be cool.

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