Clannad After Story

With the recent Clannad anime ending at a shortened 22 epiosodes (not counting the summer special episode and the OVA/extra episode on the DVD), there had been rumors floating that a sequel might be in the works, especially since the game that the anime is based on continues 10-years after the events of the main Clannad story, featuring Nagisa and Tomoya. Turns out those rumors were correct. ANN reports that the rumored sequel to Clannad has been announced in the May issue of Dengeki G’s Magazine entitled Clannad After Story.

I find this to be pretty good news. Clannad is a pretty good anime title, but it left some plot threads dangling, such as Fuko-chan’s ultimate resolution (it was hinted that there would be more to this), the “world” (for lack of a better term) that Kotomi-chan’s parent’s had been researching, and frankly, I wouldn’t mind seeing Nagisa, Tomoya, and the rest of the gang in the future.

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