Hayate no Gotoku! 47

Hayate the Combat Butler Ep. 47
ハヤテのごとく!Episode 47

SPOILER Summary: A meteor is about to crash into the Earth. Meanwhile Nagi gives Hayate some time off so that he can study, since she can’t have him fail school. He doesn’t want the time off, but takes it when she tells him that she’ll fire him if he doesn’t pass his tests. Maria is worried about what might happen to Nagi, since she tends to get into trouble without a butler. Nagi poo-poo’s the notion, but Klaus has already arranged for a solution. Enter the latest robot, called Thirteen, which resembles Hayate and is designed to be a butler.

Meanwhile, Sakuya has arrived and has taken it upon herself to help Hayate study. Upon learning that another butler will be replacing him, Hayate becomes concerned. Sakuya tries to allay his fears, but in the end, he can’t resist checking out the new butler. He finds Nagi strongly protesting the new butler, which when Hayate finds it to be a robot, he’s much relieved. However, Thirteen soon wins over Nagi with how he treats her manga and the advice he gives. He wins over Maria with a shoulder rub. And he wins over Sakuya with his apparent understanding of her brand of comedy, complete with taking a whack with the harisen on purpose.

When Hayate discovers how well Thirteen gets along with everyone, he becomes concerned. Sakuya learns this and reports it to Nagi that Hayate is jealous of Thirteen. Nagi is excited about this though Thirteen doesn’t understand the emotion. Nagi, Maria, Thirteen, and Sakuya spy on Hayate, who does appear down from the back. Sakuya suggest Nagi comfort him, which Nagi agrees to but Thirteen has a different plan. Maria is sent in with tea, dressed in cat ears, tail, and a bell (I believe this is a mascot character, but can’t confirm it). She’s not sure about this and neither is Nagi. Thirteen presses a remote control button and Maria’s maid outfit falls off, revealing a Lum-chan bikini (Urusei Yatsura). Hayate gawks and Maria runs out in horror.

Next on the list is making Hayate a snack, but Sakuya refuses to let Nagi do it based on her horrible cooking. So Sakuya does it and brings it in, which Hayate finds good but this just angers Nagi, who lets Hayate have it. Sakuya soon departs at Thirteen’s encouragement and begins to tell Nagi that he is the best butler for her. However, she is not going to leave Hayate’s side and proclaims him to be the only butler for her. Mission accomplished, Thirteen leaves Nagi and Hayate together. He goes to the lake where we discover that the meteor is about to hit Earth. Despite Nagi not wanting him to go, Thirteen takes off and destroys the meteor, saying that giving his life for his master is also the job of a butler.

Thoughts: It was a fun episode, though I can’t say I had any real laughs. But it was fun, so that’s OK.

References! (Note: the site doesn’t get 100% of the references, but they do get a very high percentage. As of this writing, whomever normally puts all the references in has not done so.)

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