Keroro Gunsou 33

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 33

SPOILER Summary: It is almost time for Keroro’s favorite manga, Admiral Geroro, to have the first episode of the anime adaptation aired. After watching it with the platoon, the group spends their entire invasion budget plus a whole lot more on Admiral Geroro products. However, Keroro has a plan. Since Pekopon people love anime so much, he’ll make an anime with him as the star. Thus beloved by the people, the money will start pouring in and he’ll soon be in charge of Pekopon (Earth). However, they need advice and so consult “Mama-dono,” since she’s a manga editor. She gives them five books (deducting the cost of the books from their allowance) on the anime production.

Keroro starts to work on writing a 60-page story, but after three hours has nothing but a single page. He delivers that to Tamama, who’s in charge of storyboarding the series. However, after three hours, Tamama is unable to do anything. Tamama then hands his bit of nothing over to Giroro, who’s in charge of animation. After three hours, he has finally produced a single, badly drawn image. He then learns that he’ll need to make 3000 images and that’s more than he can take. Dororo looks to get the drawings from Giroro for coloring, but there are none. Only Kururu has the backgrounds completed, but only because he “borrowed” them from other anime titles and simply removed the characters in the scene. Keroro decides that with so many anime produced a year, there has to be a secret, easy way to do an anime. Meanwhile, Sumomo records the “Kero to March” song as Moa-chan works the board and wonders if its OK to complete the theme song before the anime.

The platoon then sets out to the anime production company (a parody of Sunrise) to learn the secrets of anime production. Since they have their anti-barrier on (which keeps them from being seen or heard), they head to a writers meeting for Admiral Geroro. As they observe the writing process, a large plate of dangos has Keroro’s eye. He eats one, only to discover it was one that the director has spiked with a fiery-hot pepper. Giroro learns the shocking truth on how to draw, which involved getting people to pose. He tries it with Tamama and Keroro, but after five hours, still doesn’t have it down. He then learns that using a wooden puppet can accomplish the same thing as a model.

After the platoon finishes going through the entire anime creation process, the return home to create their own anime. After much work, they get their episode done and preview it in the private theater. The drawings, animation, and everything else about it is crude, but they are proud nevertheless. Keroro decides that they can do much better and so it is decided to keep working to get it perfect.

Thoughts: Having recently watched a parody of the anime creation process in Hayate no Gotoku, I did find this episode of Keroro Gunsou amusing as well.

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