Honey and Clover (Live Action) 07

ハチミツとクローバー (Live Action Dorama) Ep. 07

SPOILER Summary: Takemoto has decided that he’ll worry about a job after graduation, which Mayama doesn’t think is such a good idea. After Morita tries on one of Takemoto’s suits, Morita and Mayama put a bunch of slips with jobs into a box for him to draw one out. He draws out “F1 Racer,” which he doesn’t think he can do. Lohmeyer-senpai arrives and talks about how great artists had great confidence with clear goals. After wowing the guys, Morita begins work on his newest project, where he has decided to enter a competition for painting rather than sculpture. Takemoto wonders about this, to which Morita states that it is his confidence in doing the thing that’s important. He asks what Takemoto is planning on doing since Takemoto never seems to really reach out and grab anything, be it a job or the girl (Hagu-chan).

Takemoto blocks off a section in the gym to start his graduation piece. Shouda-sensei comes by, demanding to know what he’s doing. Upon learning what Takemoto is about to do, he tells Takemoto that he looks forward to seeing his finished work. As Ayumi and Hagu-chan help the shopping district do some cleaning by the river (to include grass removal, where the two girls talk about clovers), Takemoto struggles to do something and ends up seeing Morita again. Morita tells Takemoto that Takemoto is thinking too hard about trying to come up with the answer before doing things. To illustrate his point, Morita begins painting, all of which has been heard and seen by Teramobori-san, who comes in to tell Morita that after graduation, Morita should look for other work.

Elsewhere on campus, Nomiya pays Ayumi a visit to compliment her on her work and mentions buying her dinner again when Mayama comes by, having just heard this. Mayama is startled by this and Ayumi tries to downplay the significance of the dinner, which doesn’t sit well with Nomiya. When they leave, Mayama warns Nomiya to stay away from Ayumi. Nomiya questions Mayama’s motives, telling him that while he has feelings for Rika-san, he wants to keep Ayumi in reserve. Nomiya continues by telling Mayama of how its bad to be so indecisive. Meanwhile at Rika-san’s place, Miwako discusses the difficulties of Rika-san working alone. Rika-san and Miwako discuss Mayama and Rika-san’s thoughts concerning Mayama.

Ayumi pays Morita a visit where she remarks on Morita suddenly painting. He’s determined to win the Paris competition and says there are only two types of people — those who work hard and those who quit. The conversation turns to her dealings with Mayama and how Ayumi is just waiting, meaning she doesn’t fit into his two categories. She concedes she has been waiting at the door for Mayama. Morita states that it would be easier if Mayama either opened the door or put out a sign telling Ayumi the door would never open.

Mayama and Takemoto are relaxing in Mayama’s room where Mayama asks if Takemoto has given up on Hagu-chan. Takemoto changes the subject when he sees some dog pictures and Mayama reveals they were taken by Rika-san. One of his pictures of the group (Morita, Lohmeyer-senpai, and Takemoto) is seen by Rika-san, who finds it amusing. That was apparently when Mayama began to fall for Rika-san. Takemoto goes to bed and finds he can’t sleep, so he gets up and wanders around campus to find Morita hard at work. As such, he decides to start work on his graduation project.

At Fujiwara Design, Nomiya and Miwako discuss the Tottori Station Building Renewal Project. Nomiya likes the proposal for the project but the fact that whomever was in charge of it would have to stay in Tottori for a year is a negative for him. Miwako wants to make this Mayama’s project. Nomiya doesn’t have any objections to Miwako’s plan.

Elsewhere, the female sensei again brings big pressure on Hagu-chan to decide about whether to enter the Paris competition. She also uses guilt on Hagu-chan, stating that Hanamoto-sensei gave up things for Hagu-chan. Hagu-chan thinks back to things “Shuu-chan” told her in the past, including how he talked her into coming to Tokyo out of high school for her art. Meanwhile, Hanamoto-sensei visits Rika-san, where he confesses trying to see some of his own dreams done through Hagu-chan. However, he does understand his own selfishness in this regard.

Hagu-chan pays Takemoto a visit in the gym to see his work. They talk about things and in the end, Hagu-chan decides to enter the competition and informs the female sensei of this. The female sensei is relieved and Hagu-chan is off to work on her painting while Takemoto’s “tower” creation” continues. Hagu-chan struggles with her painting and takes a break to bring Takemoto some food, finding him wrapped in a sleeping blanket fast asleep. She returns to her work but struggles, going through many canvases. When Takemoto wakes up, he’s happy for the food and little notes Hagu-chan wrote. However, when he goes to see her and witnesses her crying as she struggled to create a piece, he said nothing as he contemplates things.

Mayama is walking through the city and talking on the phone (to a co-worker or other such person) where he learns he’s being transfered to Tottori and is shocked by this news. On the campus, Nomiya is watching Ayumi create a vase, where she messes up because he’s watching her so closely. Nomiya lets Ayumi know that Mayama is being transfered to Tottori for a year, which shocks her. Back to Mayama, still reeling from the news, he thinks of Rika-san and then runs to her home office. He tells her he’ll work for nothing and that he won’t leave her side. She tells him that she’ll end up hurting him, but he tells her it is OK since she can’t hurt him.

Ayumi is dropping off some things at Fujiwara Design and turns down an offer from Nomiya to take her home. Mayama comes in and before Miwako can officially tell him about his transfer, he gives her his letter of resignation, saying he can’t leave Tokyo. Miwako tells him this transfer is a good opportunity. Miwako wonders what Mayama will do and he tells her he’ll be working for Rika-san as he cannot be parted from her. Nomiya leaves and it is then that Mayama notices Ayumi in the room. She runs out and he chases her. Ayumi runs after Nomiya, telling him to take her anyplace away from there. So he complies and Mayama stops as they get into the car. Nomiya asks if Ayumi expected Mayama to chase them still, stating he doesn’t really like to be used this way, but he’s going to take her someplace just the same.

As Morita excitedly works on his painting, Hagu-chan is crying still, not pleased with her painting. Takemoto works on his tower and contemplates things. In the end, he doesn’t like what he’s done as it reflects his own lost condition. Realizing his own lack of purpose, he destroys his creation and gets on his bicycle with a few things, riding into the night.

Thoughts: One of the nice things about watching the live-action series is remembering certain scenes (or very similar ones) from the anime. Once I start reading the manga, I suspect things will show up there, which will be nice as well. Anyway, it was weird seeing Takemoto’s creation in the real, if you will. In the anime, seeing this “tower” just seemed like something silly an unreal. Too bad that they didn’t have Shouda-sensei see the tower before Takemoto destroyed it in the dorama. To me, having the sensei’s go on about Takemoto’s creation before he destroyed it in the anime had impact. In the live action, the destruction of the tower didn’t carry as much weight. Will Takemoto’s bike ride have any impact? We’ll see.

Of course, that has been the one problem with the live action title. Many things just haven’t had the impact they should have. If I weren’t so versed in the anime, would I enjoy the dorama as much? I don’t think so.

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