Slayers Again!

QP has some stuff that HAYASHIBARA Megumi has said on her radio show and other places regarding the new Slayers anime TV series (which was announced in the April issue of Dragon Magazine and revealed to be entitled Slayers REVOLUTION). The big news is that Megumi-san is going to be Lina again. YES! What Megumi-san says pretty interesting stuff and nice to see Megumi-san is apparently pretty happy to be back in the role of Lina Inverse. The rest of the core gang (Gourry, Zelgadis, Amelia) are going to be back as well. The newest information is on top, but do read through (and forgive QP’s not so great English) because there’s some other neat stuff Megumi-san reveals about her previous times in the role of Lina.

After that tease of a Slayers movie (which ended up being a recap of all the TV series followed by a music video sung by Megumi-san with all new animation), I’m rather glad to see a new TV series being created. While it appears that this new TV series will be unique to the anime (which is somewhat of a bummer considering I’d like to get the next story-arc from the novels, though that doesn’t have Amelia or Zelgadis in it), I hope they avoid some of the pitfalls present in Slayers Try. For example, the Dragon Slave spell, which can have a comedic element, shouldn’t be used to just knock enemies into orbit or the next county as it did in Slayers Try. The comedy of Lina wanting to blow someone away or relieve some stress by casting it is fine, but it should have the devastating effect that it did in Slayers, where people and creatures (a dragon for example) died, to say nothing of the destruction caused.

Also, not trying to target a younger audience, as Try did, would be helpful.

I think of all the anime titles that have been announced, I’m most excited about this one. Lord willing, I’ll still be blogging when it comes out and will share my opinions of the series then.

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2 Responses to “Slayers Again!”

  1. Yay! I’m glad that the old cast is back again. I just wish the same goes for the music. You know the good old mid 90’s Slayers music that had unique taste. I like the new Slayers music (“meet again”) but I prefer the old music. I got into the fandom because of the music.

    Speaking of Try, I didn’t like it very much. I agree that the original anime plot should be better and mature but with humor.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the “Slayers” news. I can’t wait to see the new TV season.

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