Hayate no Gotoku! 51

Hayate the Combat Butler Ep. 51
ハヤテのごとく!Episode 51

SPOILER Summary: The school year has ended and Hayate has managed to advance to the next grade. Nagi takes Hayate to ditch the closing ceremony. She’s in a rush to get home, which Hayate doesn’t understand. Once home, she sends him on an errand, but needs for him not to return until evening, so she pretends to be sick of seeing him. Dejected, Hayate leaves, causing Wataru, Sakuya, and Izumi (who’d been behind a pillar) to get onto her for being so mean to Hayate, something Maria agrees with. Nagi needs Hayate gone because of her plans, and so the group go off to carry out those plans.

Hayate picks up the item, which is a small gift-wrapped box. He’s “picked up” by two men from the Victoria Elizabeth Steward Dispatch Company. The company president, Alastair B. Sebastian, wants to recruit Hayate for his butler service, offering him ¥150,000,000 he owes to Nagi. Hayate wonders how Alastair knows this, so Alastair plays a YouTube clip of Hayate, recorded by the Student Council Trio. Hayate leaves with Alastair’s business card but suddenly has a string of bad luck thanks to the pendant Nagi’s grandfather gave him. As such, he loses the gift box and goes on a lengthy pursuit to get it. When he finally gets it, he returns to the mansion to discover Nagi has set up a party for him to congratulate him on his passing and gives him a gift of a pocket watch, saying she wants him to be with her for even 200-years. Hayate is touched and embraces Nagi, which pleases her. Hayate then turns down Alastair, who reports this to Nagi’s grandfather, as the job offer had been a test of Hayate’s character.

Thoughts: Gah! I kind of let the last two episodes slip out of my mind when it came to watching them. I think that was because the show had become so much less appealing to me over time that I just didn’t miss not watching the final two episodes. BUT, I do want to do a proper review over at C.A.R., so here goes.

Basically, the episode was an excuse to give most of the recurring characters cameos. As such, it just went through the motions with the predictable plot element of Hayate trying to recover the present. I did laugh at the end when Wataru ate Nagi’s stew and suddenly received maximum hit points.

References! (Note: the site doesn’t get 100% of the references, but most of the time they do get a very high percentage.)

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