Hayate no Gotoku! 52

Hayate the Combat Butler Ep. 52
ハヤテのごとく!Episode 52

SPOILER Summary: It is Golden Week, and Izumi is over at Sakuya’s place, where Sakuya has attempted to create an illusion of being on vacation in Hawaii. For Wataru and Saki, it is business as usual at the video store while Klaus and Tama are left to guard the fort as Hayate, Maria, and Nagi are at the Aegean Sea, specifically Mykonos Island, Greece. Nishizawa, Hina, and the Student Council Trio are in Turkey doing some sight seeing and traveling to Greece, where they will apparently meet up with Hayate, Nagi, and Maria. Hina and Nishizawa are happy at the prospect of seeing Hayate.

Meanwhile, Nagi is holed up in their residence but after Hayate gets depressed that she won’t go out and explore the island with him, she agrees to go out the following day. The next day as they walk about the town (where Nagi reveals she and Maria had lived here before), the wind blows Nagi’s hat off her head, causing Hayate to leap up high into the sky to retrieve it. When he lands, he’s gone back into the past when Nagi lived there as a little girl. After recovering from the shock of it, Hayate befriends Nagi, who’s being chased by the mob, who are out to kill her. After protecting her from the mobsters and eventually sending them all packing (though her hat got shot a few times), Nagi agrees to view the stars with Hayate. When the wind blows her hat off, Hayate again retrieves it, only to find himself back in the present. Nagi is remembering how she’d been blown off in the past but the hat makes her apparently realize that it was Hayate and the two view the stars that night.

Thoughts: Kind of a fun episode to send the first series off. I think the surprise was having Nishizawa suddenly hooked up with Hina to be friends along with the Student Council Trio. I hope in the next series, that aspect shows up again.

I did get some chuckles out of this episode. Tama accidentally speaking when Klaus laments being left behind, and again at the end of the episode when Klaus is wanting Tama to comfort him. The camel “spitting” on Hina amused me as well.

The story having Hayate protect a young Nagi in the past was kind of touching, which was nice.

Overall, the series got off to a huge bang, then fell off after that, the third season I think being the most tedious to me. Still, when the sequel comes out, I’ll be watching that as well (if I can).

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