スレイヤーズREVOLUTION Anime episode 04

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Lina and turning up a forest with various destructive spells looking for Pokota while Gourry assists. After no luck, Gourry and Lina are feasting while Amelia chastises Lina for being cruel to the animals in the forest. Amelia heals them and continues to lecture, leading Lina to remind Amelia what would have happened had she really unleashed in the forest. Further, Lina is forced to eat a feast of fruits and vegetables when she’d much rather have animal protein. This gets Amelia to shut up.

However, Zelgadiss is not impressed by Lina’s haphazard approach to flushing out Pokota. As such, he threatens to leave. To keep him around, Lina makes mention of the fact that just maybe, Pokota has knowledge on how to return Zelgadiss to human form. Despite his protests to the contrary, the ploy works and he initially begins blasting the nearby hills, much to Amelia’s distress. Lina and Gourry head off to execute another plan while Zelgadiss, somewhat calmer, devises traps of food in which to snare Pokota. His reasoning is that a creature using the amount of magic that Lina does would need the same amount of calories that Lina does.

Amelia is not convinced the plan will work, but sure enough, Pokota is snared, having eaten a banana laced with a drug. Zelgadiss promises to bring the pain to Pokota which Amelia finds to be a villainous way of doing things, so she frees Pokota, heals him, then provides him with a big feast. While Pokota is reluctant to discuss why he’s so interested in destroying mage-tanks or who originally stole them, Amelia is touched by his words that declare his desire to keep said weapons out of the hands of those who would use them for evil. Thus, Amelia decides that they will partner with Pokota on his quest for justice.

The trio arrive at a small town where a mage-tank is now terrorizing the residence. Amelia and Pokota go into action, attacking the tank. Unknown to them, the tank is a fake and is being “driven” by Gourry’s pedal power. After taking a few hits, Lina decides its time to take some action against Pokota and Amelia. Because Lina is so powerful, she’s able to defend the tank well against Amelia and Pokota’s increasingly powerful spells while bringing the rain with Flair Arrows and Fireballs back at them.

As the fight continues, Lina too gets more serious in her attacks, using a Burst Flare spell (which is much more powerful than a Fireball) at Amelia. Amelia, having previously been hit with a Bomb Di Wind spell, is unable to dodge. Pokota, seeing Amelia in trouble, uses his replica Sword of Light to dispel the attack. Lina fills the sky with Flare Arrow spells while Pokota and Amelia perform a double Arc Brass spell, which brings down a rain of lightning, taking out not only the mage-tank, but the city’s aquifer as well.

Amelia celebrates this victory until an annoyed Lina emerges from the rubble and demands to know what Amelia is doing with the Digimon. Amelia immediately assumes that Lina’s appearance at the scene means that Lina is the criminal who’s stealing mage tanks and that Wiser should arrest Lina. Zelgadiss points out that the mage-tank is fake and hearing that, Pokota decides he has better things to do. Pokota takes off with an annoyed Lina in pursuit, demanding he wait. Meanwhile, the townspeople have only rubble left where their town stood due to the battle.

Thoughts/Review: The start of this episode had me laughing again. Lina on a rampage through the forest is just too much. *lol* Her little threat at Amelia for Amelia’s lecture and the animal’s fear of more Lina wrath (followed by Lina consumption) is good stuff. Even though there may have been not a whole lot of point to the episode (beyond tracking down the Digimon Pokota), I get a kick out of watching Lina rampage, manipulate people, and scarf down food, all of which happened a plenty here.

Plot-wise, it seems that we are getting small bits of table setting here and there. Pokota’s attempts to take out all mage-tanks he sees is clearly part of some bigger story. The who and why is another issue, as is why Pokota created a faux Sword of Light.

Thankfully, there was no Wiser in this episode, but I did like that he received a name-drop. Believe it or not, I’m hopeful that this is a sign that the writers intend to produce a well-crafted plot over time.

There were a lot of new spells used in this episode. I say “new spells,” but in fact, these have already been established in the world of Slayers via the novels (or so I’m told). I highly recommend a trip to KanzakaDex to learn about each of the spells and their rankings power-wise. Very educational stuff over but there may well be spoilers for stuff to come too.

Thus far, I’m pretty pleased with how things are being done in Slayers REVOLUTION. Despite the few minor concerns from last week’s episode, things have generally been a ton of fun with just a few elements to suggest what might be in store. More fun on the horizon as Xellos returns next episode. ^_^

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