Clannad After Story 11

クラナド アフターストーリー Episode 11
Clannad After Story 11

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Clannad After Story 11Nagisa and Tomoya enter a pattern where every morning before school, she comes over to his apartment, makes breakfast for him, then they eat together. Tomoya then continues his work training under Yoshino-san, trying to hide the fact that his right shoulder doesn’t work properly, meaning Tomoya cannot raise his right arm. Yoshino discovers it eventually but since Tomoya can do the job properly, he won’t say anything. At school, Nagisa continues classes, but is very much alone. Then every evening, Nagisa is waiting for Tomoya at his apartment and prepares a meal for him, which they eat together. Tomoya then walks Nagisa part-way home. During one such occasion, Nagisa wonders how lonely Tomoya must feel after Clannad After Story 11she leaves, but he tries to assure her that it is OK since he just goes to sleep right away.

One day when Tomoya has the day off, Akio-san grabs Tomoya for some adult play. Their destination surprises Tomoya — it is a toy store. After Akio-san and the store owner have a mock lightsaber battle, Akio-san announces their real purpose for coming here — a toy Bengal Giant Lizard. Akio’s plan is to have it slipped down Sanae’s back. Tomoya is not keen on this idea, but Akio promises that such acts help keep their relationship fresh.

Clannad After Story 11They return to the bakery and Sanae-san is there to greet them. Akio asks her what her least favorite animal is, and she says it is the Bengal Giant Lizard. With Akio distracting Sanae by making her think a lizard is on the loose, Tomoya apologizes and slips the toy lizard down her back. She’s out the door in a flash, crying to have it removed and Akio is after her, proclaiming his innocence. One of the neighbor ladies come up and Tomoya apologizes, but learns that Akio and Sanae’s antics are the highlight of the neighborhood.

Clannad After Story 11That night, Nagisa is happy with the bonding between her parents and Tomoya. She asks him to attend the Founders Day Festival with her at school in two Sunday’s, which Tomoya agrees to do. However, at work (where Tomoya is helping the manager with some filing, something Yoshino doesn’t like), Tomoya learns that he may have to work that weekend do the the increased workload. So when Tomoya comes home that night, he tells Nagisa that he might have to work on Founder’s Day. She smiles and says it is OK because she’s glad there is plenty of work to do.

Clannad After Story 11Tomoya gets permission to have the Sunday of Founder’s Day off, but the night before, the boss has a job for Tomoya to do since everyone else has gone home. It is Tomoya’s first solo job, the boss drives him to the site. Tomoya finishes the work as Yoshino arrives. Yoshino asks some questions about the repair work and since everything seems OK, they go home. The following day, Tomoya sets a time to meet Nagisa but gets a call from work saying that Yoshino discovered a mistake. Tomoya races to the site where he’d done the repair the night before. While Yoshino blames himself for not noticing it the night before, he does allow Tomoya to help fix it.

Clannad After Story 11As the sun is setting, Tomoya makes it to school, where Nagisa has been waiting for him. He’s still in his work clothing, confirming what Nagisa suspected — Tomoya had to work. She seems OK with things and insists they walk home together while eating some corn on a stick. The following day, Tomoya comes to work expecting to be in trouble but instead has the respect of his co-workers for coming in on his day off to help fix that mistake. Yoshino tells Tomoya that everyone makes mistakes but the key is not to make the same mistake again. Tomoya agrees and all is well.


Clannad After Story 11While I like Clannad After Story, I do miss the supporting cast. However, their absence is to be expected and considering how Nagisa appears to be all alone at school (where are Yukine and Tomoyo anyway?), I suppose the absence of the rest of the crew helps to add to the feeling of isolation and change. Still, I do like how Nagisa and Tomoya are more and more like a couple. They just need to hurry up and get married already.

Akio-san and Sanae-san’s relationship is certainly strange. Well, it has always been Clannad After Story 11strange, but Akio-san playing mean tricks on his wife doesn’t seem a way to make a marriage work. I’d think she’d get tired of it and leave him but I didn’t write the story. Still, it was the only moment of comedy in the episode.

So, where to now? Tomoya appears secure in his job and Nagisa is well for the moment (she’s going to die, I just know it), even if alone at school. Hard to tell from the previews, but maybe Nagisa and Tomoya will become engaged.

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  1. Blogima says:

    I’m starting to empathize with Tomoya and Nagisa like a couple (actually, Akio and Sanae are coolest and funniest couple ever). Well, cuteness apart, it’s good see Tomoya hard working with Yusuke and for Nagisa. It’s like he’s starting to grab his own future (despite all we know where this future lead him (poor Nagisa-chan)…

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