Ha!Ha!Ha! FUNimation Has Fun With Wailing Fans and Licenses Soul Eater Anyway

FUNimation clearly had the clue laid out which indicated that they had Soul Eater. However, they threw everyone a curve with two distro-licenses for Geneon rather than announce Soul Eater as EVERYONE with an opinion figured.

Oh the weeping and wailing and nashing of teeth that happened when Soul Eater didn’t appear with the previous two FUNimation announcements. While I speculated that this title might in fact still be licensed or might have been delayed (as seen in this article I wrote), most people seemed convinced that FUNimation was lying to them or worse. Many seem outraged that FUNimation is calling license rescue announcements as “new licenses” despite the fact that these are in fact new licenses for FUNimation.

So, now FUNimation lays out their latest license announcement with Soul Eater and shows the hardcore fandom that post on forums how jumping the gun is not a good thing to do. Further, they revealed just how fickle hardcore anime fans are (and there were some who claimed that no one cared about Geneon license rescues when in fact many people do).

I’ve never seen this series but FUNimation has the whole thing, which is good. FUNimation’s official Soul Eater site is HERE.

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3 Responses to “Ha!Ha!Ha! FUNimation Has Fun With Wailing Fans and Licenses Soul Eater Anyway”

  1. Josh says:

    I guess I decided to catch up watching this series just at the right time. I watched the first 5 episodes or so when they aired, then fell behind, and then spent a weekend to catchup on the whole thing a couple weekends ago.

    Wanna bet they’re not done yet?

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I would bet that there’s one more at least. ^_^

  3. Tenken says:

    there certainly is a lot of whining on the forums but i’m glad funimation has soul eater

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