Keroro Gunsou 85

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 85
Sgt. Frog anime, 85
Keroro Gunsou episode 85

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Keroro Gunsou 85There’s a toy vending machine in the hall entry way when Natsumi comes home with a sign warning to not touch it. Naturally, Natsumi turns the leaver and is turned into a little toy in the plastic ball. This is as Keroro and Kururu planned, so using the toy, Keroro becomes Natsumi to find her weaknesses. However, Keroro-Natsumi is grabbed by some female classmates to help with sports clubs. Meanwhile, Natsumi comes to and is not happy by her change in appearance — she’s Keroro.

No one believes her story about being switched. As such, there’s nothing for her to do but Keroro’s craft job with Moa-chan and the chores, which she learns are very difficult with Keroro’s body while at school, Keroro-Natsumi learns how tough Natsumi has it. In the end, when Natsumi-Keroro comes home, he wearily agrees to change back with Natsumi, both having a better understanding of the other.

Keroro Gunsou 85Tama brings a stash of magic sticks, looking like the batons from mahou shoujo anime. However, as Keroro reveals, they are not magical, but technical. Different buttons do different things. As such, Natsumi is able to transform into a magic girl and Fuyuki is able to transform into a young, school boy wizard. Mokona comes by and soon joins in the fun, which also includes broom flying. Since Aki-san is so busy, she can’t play with her children or the platoon, so she’s off to work. Wanting to do something nice for their mother, that night, everyone comes by her office building where in sparkling lights, they spell out that they love Mama. She’s touched but it is then that the batteries on the magic sticks run out and everyone has a date with the ground.


Keroro Gunsou 85KU!Ku!Ku!Ku! Well, when I read the manga, I didn’t imagine Natsumi still having Keroro’s voice and vice versa, but oh well. It had to be done I guess to keep the audience from being confused. While it was funny seeing Giroro’s reaction to what he thought was Natsumi and her bath offer, I didn’t like how the story was changed to make Keroro and Natsumi understand each other. In the manga, the plan was to have fake proof of the invasion progress with Natsumi-Keroro storming in on Keroro-Natsumi and attacking, showing Keroro kicking bottom. Oh well.
Keroro Gunsou 85
For the 2nd story, it was funny seeing everyone getting into mahou shoujo gear (save for Fuyuki, who’s outfit appeared to parody Harry Potter. I don’t know if the other costumes used were parodies of mahou shoujo anime titles or not, but oh well. The story was OK, I guess. It is pretty bad that Aki-san works such strange, long hours though.

As an aside, I initially had this erroneously labeled, thus the re-publication.

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