Oh, and FUNimation has Slayers Evolution-R Too

Oh, and FUNimation has Slayers Evolution-R Too

FUNimation sent me a heads-up (along with ANN and possibly other places) that they have Slayers Evolution-R as well as Slayers Revolution. Right now, there’s no word on how this will be released or even if FUNimation will use the “Slayers Evolution-R” name. Personally, I hope they do to keep it in line with how the Japanese are releasing it. I guess we’ll see some online videos for both series in 2009 with DVD’s coming out in 2010.

Either way, I’m excited. I thought we might not get an official announcement of Slayers Evolution-R until after the series was underway in Japan, but I’m very glad to be proven wrong there. ^_^


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