Slayers Evolution-R 07

Slayers Evolution-R 07
スレイヤーズ EVOLUTION-R Episode 07

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Slayers Evolution-R 07It’s morning at Radok’s mansion and after getting up, Lina and company discuss current events including the relationship between Ozel, Zuuma, and Radok (which causes Gourry to short circuit). After breakfast, Lina, Gourry, and Pokota observe the ever suspicious Abel talking with Ozel as she hangs the linen to dry. Lina decides that the three of them should discretely tail Ozel to see if they can learn anything while Zelgadiss and Amelia remain behind to protect Radok. After observing Ozel’s activities in the town, they discover that she’s well liked (shop owners even calling her “Ozel-chan”) and she gets all kinds of free goodies. However, at a stand selling jars, she goes nuts and starts smashing them, leading Lina, Gourry, and Pokota to stop her.

Slayers Evolution-R 07After getting out of that pickle, Lina decides to asks some direct questions of Ozel. Ozel has few answers, but Lina is able to learn that Ozel no longer is contracted to Zuuma, thus her allegiance to Radok seems genuine. Zuuma shows up and the fight is on, with Ozel helping Lina and company. Zuuma shows his superior skills and is about to dispatch Gourry when Ozel stabs Zuuma in the leg, forcing him to retreat. Meanwhile at Radok’s mansion, the mazoku Gduza and Dugld attack Amelia and Zelgadiss. This time, the two are better prepared for their match and inflict enough damage on the mazoku to force them to retreat. Able accuses them of sleeping on the job and when Lina and company arrive, Radok has some words for them. Ozel notices that Radok is leaving a blood trail as he walks away.


Slayers Evolution-R 07Now I remember the connection between Zuuma and Radok. I think it is pretty obvious to anyone who watched this episode — they are the same person. In that regard, it makes perfect sense that Ozel would serve both people as they are, in fact, the same person.

I still don’t know much about Ozel but it is a shame that the mazoku who was serving Radok in the novels isn’t here (or at least doesn’t appear to be here). Oh well. Anyway, it is weird that Ozel has this jar-smashing fetish and wants Lina to destroy the Hellmaster jar, but Ozel is charged with protecting said jar. It is all very strange.

Slayers Evolution-R 07I liked that Zelgadiss and Amelia were able to hold their own against Gduza and Dugld. Being low-level mazoku, it makes sense that they’d take physical damage, something Xellos won’t take much of were the group to fight him.

I’m finding that having read the original novels (even if some time ago), the current storyline is kind of boring to me. Save for Ozel and Pokota (and the lack of the higher-level mazoku that served Radok-Zuuma), the story appears to be pretty much from the novels from what I remember. Normally, I’m not bothered by this kind of adaptation so I wonder why for this current storyline, I feel a bit bored by it? I may have to ponder this for a bit.

Slayers Evolution-R 07I did find it interesting that all the shop owners called Ozel “Ozel-chan” though. I get the feeling that the market scene is just a parody of a generic Japanese market district that we sometimes see show up in anime.

Well, only six more episodes to go and hopefully things will not leave me feeling “meh” by series end. ^_^;

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