Slayers Evolution-R 09

スレイヤーズ EVOLUTION-R Episode 09
Slayers EVOLUTION-R Ep. 09

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Slayers Evolution-R 09After burying Abel and Radok, Pokota and Zelgadiss get into a squabble over what to do with the jar next. Lina solves the problem by getting Ozel to acknowledge her as the owner of the jar. Now Ozel protects the Hellmaster Jar for Lina but things are still complicated. Ozel informs them that the jar has to be unsealed by special ritual. Then it must be destroyed so that the soul of Rezo is released. However, another vessel has to be prepared to take the soul. If no such vessel exists, then the soul dissipates. Zelgadiss is furious and grabs the jar, shaking it and loudly calling for Rezo. Amazingly, the jar answers with the voice of Rezo and it recognizes Zelgadiss as a blood relation (which Zelgadiss is).

Slayers Evolution-R 09Now that they can communicate with “Rezo” in the jar, “Rezo” communicates mostly through Ozel but claims to have lots of wisdom. First it starts spouting various proverbs. The leads Lina and company to think that if that truly is Rezo inside, he’s lost his mind. Next, “Rezo” sends them on various quests to concoct stews made from ingredients of various beasts (magical or otherwise) as well as bring back other items. It all seems very pointless but as “Rezo” keeps making these requests, Lina and company bow and perform the tasks.

Slayers Evolution-R 09This is seen by a man in the inn, who reports it to his bandit comrades. The leader of the bandits decides to steal this jar treasure, so as the others sleep, the bandits grab Ozel. However, Amelia is awakened by noises and sees the bandits make off with Ozel and the jar. At the bandit camp, Ozel tells them her mission is to protect the jar and before the bandits can force her hand, Lina arrives, launching fireballs. She and the others make short work of the bandits save for the boss and the guard on Ozel. The leader bandit shows his own magical ability by creating from the ground multiple perfect copies of Hellmaster’s Jar. When Ozel accidentally drops the real jar in the mix, Lina goes on a rampage and destroys jars left and right until Ozel rescues one Lina is about to destroy — the real Hellmaster Jar.

Slayers Evolution-R 09Now armed with the proper jar and the bandits all secure, Lina plots evil against them. However, “Rezo” has words of wisdom which touch the hearts of the bandits, making them abandon their thieving ways. The words also touch the heart of a nearby blind lad who has come up. Ozel sees him and gives the boy the jar. A white light emits from the jar and the boy’s eyes are healed so that he can see. Further, all of the items and concoctions Rezo had the party get/make all end up helping various townspeople who needed them.

Slayers Evolution-R 09Lina decides that they need to return to Taforashia when Ozel announces that Rezo has something to say. It is the parable about a minnow’s head becoming a god if people worship it, which is what was said earlier. Lina is weary with the proverbs and they head on with Ozel bringing up the rear. Rezo’s voice is heard telling Ozel more proverbs and asking if she understands. She says she does and has a strange sort of smile on her face as she walks.


Slayers Evolution-R 09So now we have the Hellmaster Jar but no matter what, they are still going to need another body of vessel of some kind for “Rezo” or whomever is in the jar to inhabit. I suppose another suit of armor could come into play.

This episode tries to raise doubts on if the soul in the jar is Rezo or not. What it avoids is the Ruby Eye Shabranigdu problem. For that to have been the real Rezo (which I believe Slayers Evolution-R 09it was), then that would have to mean that Rezo’s soul was in Rezo’s body. Remember, it was what was left of Rezo’s mind that hindered Ruby Eye Shabranigdu just enough for Lina to get the Giga Slave spell bound to the Sword of Light for her to attack. So, there is a very good chance that whatever is in the Hellmaster jar is not truly Rezo, but something that has all of Rezo’s memories and abilities — a clone perhaps. There has already been one Rezo clone so why not another with a soul of its own?

Slayers Evolution-R 09Whomever is in the jar, I think it is safe to say that there is meaning behind everything they have to say. We saw the proof of that when Lina and company had to fight dragons and other beasts for various ingredients. Those things ended up helping the townspeople and I think that these proverbs that “Rezo” keeps spouting do mean something too. Ozel seems to understand and I’m thinking that eventually Lina and company will catch on too.

Slayers Evolution-R 09It was humorous seeing Lina take out some bandits, then go on a mini-rampage by destroying jars. It is interesting how there was method to her madness, forcing Ozel to protect the legitimate jar before Lina could destroy it.

Beyond that, there’s not much left to say. Clearly, the writers have a lot of time to kill and three more episodes to go. ^_^;

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