Fate/stay night – 11

フェイト/ステイナイト Ep 11
Fate/stay night episode 11

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Fate/stay night - 11After completing three hours of sword training with Saber, Rin grabs him to train by reinforcing the kerosene lamps. Rin finds in the store room a group of solid steel (silver?) objects such as tea kettle, a knife, and what was a bamboo sword. Saber joins Rin and states she was unaware of this ability of Shirou’s. Rin too is amazed and frustrated as she believes that Shirou doesn’t know his own abilities, but even she had been unaware he was capable of such sorcery.

Fate/stay night - 11Meanwhile, Shirou is failing at Rin’s tasks when Shinji calls him. Since Shirou has skipped two days of school, Shinji hasn’t been able to talk with him and Shinji wants to talk with Shirou alone, making Shirou promise not to tell Rin. Shirou arrives at the school and notices that despite being the middle of the day, no one is around. Immediately, Shirou feels pain as the barrier is erected. Shirou discovers everyone in the school are either unconscious are nearly there when Shinji arrives, boasting of his trap and how he plans to teach Rin who the better person is. He also plans to punish Shirou and Rin for rejecting his alliance offer.

Fate/stay night - 11When Shinji admits to possibly killing Fuji-nee, Shirou snaps. He comes after Shinji and is not harmed by Shinji’s counterattack. Shinji panics Rider appears. Shinji orders Rider to kill Shirou. She attacks and Shirou is hit in both arms and legs. However, when she goes for the killing blow, her weapon seems to strike metal. Since she cannot kill Shirou with her weapons, she simply kicks him out the nearby window. As he falls, Shirou is upset with himself for not saving anyone and then summons Saber, who flies out of her teleporation gate and catched Shirou before he falls. Shirou instructs her to take on Rider and he’ll deal with Shinji.

Fate/stay night - 11In the school, Saber and Rider battle while Shirou chases Shinji. Shirou catches his former friend and begins to strangle him, threatening to kill him if Shinji doesn’t drop the barrier. Shinji tells Rider to drop the barrier which she reluctantly does. Shirou wants Shinji to give up his command spells and thus be out of the Holy Grail War, when Shinji can then seek refuge at the Kotomine Church. Shinji refuses and Rider comes to his defense, suggesting a retreat. Saber comes up and warns Shirou to get back. Rider stabs herself in the neck and uses her Nobel Phantasm ability to cause herself and Shinji to escape, leaving a massive wake of destruction at the school.

Fate/stay night - 11The battle over, authorities arrive to take out the students and teachers, all of whom are reported to be OK. Shirou passes out and is taken home where he dreams of the night of the attack ten years earlier and of his step-father. He wakes up to find Rin attending to him. After thanking her, Rin tells him to thank Saber too since his wounds appear to have been healed by her. Shirou finds Saber meditating in her armor and she’s angry by his actions. To her surprise, he apologizes and accepts her as his fighter. However, he won’t agree to not fight along side her and she reluctantly accepts this arrangement.


Fate/stay night - 11Well now, well now. Finally, Shirou gets a clue, but almost too late as he faces both Rider and Shinji without Saber there. I suppose Shirou only wishes to see the best in people, even one as scummy as Shinji. Still, I loved how when he summoned Saber, she was not only at the ready but literally flew up to grab him mid-fall. Even in her weakened state, Saber is still stronger than Rider, then then I would guess that everyone is stronger than Rider to some degree. And yet Rider has to be drawing mana from the life force of others such as those in the school, right? If that’s the case, then she should have more power to draw from and if that’s the case, it makes Saber even more impressive as a Servant.

Fate/stay night - 11Back to Shirou — I’m a bit at a loss here. I know that Shirou’s ability can strengthen items and even repair them as we’ve seen this before. However, with the broom, Shirou seems to have transmuted the wooden handle into a metal one — alchemy. That almost seems to be what Rin describes magic as with the laws of equivalency. If that’s Shirou’s ability, what has Rin so shocked about the artifacts she found and showed to Saber? Is he literally creating these things from nothing or simply turning established objects into steel? Also, while I know Saber is being credited with Shirou’s incredible healing ability, might this also be an ability of Shirou’s? After all, if he can repair a heater with his power, why not himself?

Fate/stay night - 11So Shirou realizes finally that he can’t do this without Saber and promises to have her fight. Of course he’s going to fight too, but I like that they both come to an understanding on the subject.

The first hints of romance between Saber and Shirou appear in this episode. Saber surprised me with her desire to wear that one dress because Shirou complimented her wearing it. Then there’s the cute but cliched moment where Rin catches them in a moment and they get embarrassed and try to play it off. Rin also seems Fate/stay night - 11to have special feelings for Shirou again. ^_^

With Rider and Shinji having escaped, I wonder where they would have fled to. The school was a great HQ for them because Shinji could power Rider that way. I suppose they’ll have to go somewhere that contains a lot of people.

BTW, was that Rider who produced wings or was it somehow Saber?

Fate/stay night - 11I remember someone remarking on how terrible the animation is for this series at times. There were a lot of still shots, which is surprising considering how popular the eroge seems to have been. I wonder why this didn’t get a bigger budget.

Its a shame that I can’t watch these faster because if I didn’t need sleep, I’d marathon the rest of the series tonight. *lol*

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7 Responses to “Fate/stay night – 11”

  1. Hugh Roe says:

    “Back to Shirou — I’m a bit at a loss here. I know that Shirou’s ability can strengthen items and even repair them as we’ve seen this before. However, with the broom, Shirou seems to have [Photo]transmuted the wooden handle into a metal one — alchemy. “

    From what I have been able to gather, it’s not so much transmuted as replaced.

  2. Garik says:

    What Shirou is doing when he strengthens something is finding the flaws in something and filling the “gaps” with his own prana. In essence, he’s kind of completing the object. A magus can do the same thing with his or her own body, which is what enables someone like Rin to run a hundred meters in about 6 seconds and jump from a roof. It is, however, more difficult to reinforce another person by several degrees of magnitude; only the most skilled magi can do it.

    I’ll explain what Rin found in the shed because they don’t really do it in the anime: Shirou is projecting those objects. He’s forming them from his own prana. They are inferior to original objects because he can’t quite get the perfect image of them. He just doesn’t have any affinity for things like kettles. He does this as a “warm up” for his magical strengthening exercises. Kiritsugu knew he was good at this, but as any normal magus would know, such a talent isn’t very useful. What Rin is freaking out about is that such objects should vanish almost immediately. He’s doing something impossible only because he doesn’t know it is. This is a hint toward Shirou’s true abilities. His true skills lie not in reinforcement nor really even projection. There is only one magic allowed to Emiya Shirou.

    Saber is indeed a superior Servant to Rider. Rider is, however, a superb Servant. It’s just that her master is dragging her down even more than Shirou could. I mean, Shinji just sucks. As for their levels of prana (magical energy), Saber has a huge– and I mean huuuuuge– capacity. She’s been running on her own stores without replenishing. She seems stronger because she’s using bursts of prana to enhance her physical skills. Rider’s strength comes from her own natural abilities. Regardless of amount of fuel in the engine, Saber can make better use of it than Rider.

    Those wings don’t truly come from Rider or Saber, but from an ability Rider possesses. It’s linked to one of her Noble Phantasms. It will be explained much more in the next episode. 😉

    I promise the show will only get better from here on out. Keep up the great work and I’ll be here to explain all the pointless minutia like a true Type-Moon fanboy.

  3. luny85 says:

    Shinji is even worse as a mage than Shirou, so Rider is in the same situation as Saber, and that’s why she’s weak and has to draw mana from others.

    Modifying an object’s structure or creating an object from scratch are a sort of advanced version of strenghtening magic. The latter is called projection magic, but it’s pretty much a useless magic since objects created with it are just a frail and weak copy of the original and don’t last long.
    That’s why, even though Shirou does have a talent for projection magic, his father told him to focus on the more useful strenghtening magic.

    As for Shirou’s “self healing” ability, he didn’t have it before summoning Saber (he was dying after being stabbed by Lancer, back in episode 2), and that’s why Rin assumes it’s coming from Saber.

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I want to thank you all for your EXCELLENT information! Seriously, this is great stuff not only for me, but I think also for others who might be interested in learning more about the series.

    As an aside, I have decided that when the anime is done, I will run my first visual novel since I believe the English patch covers the entire thing.

  5. Garik says:

    Oh, I’m glad to hear you’re going to be reading the VN. It’s long, but a very good read. I recommend not going through it with the voices on the first time. Although the voice acting is top notch, and some scenes are much more emotional with the voices on (especially the climax of Heavens Feel) it takes forever to get through if you stop to listen. It’s good for the second run through, however.

    Be aware that the anime is going to spoil things for you. Episode 18, for instance, reveals something from a quarter into Heavens Feel, the final scenario of the VN.

    I hope you blog going through the VN. It’d be a great read to follow.

  6. 4nBlue says:

    The patch translates the whole game and adds voices (not originally included in the PC-version) if you have the voice files from PS2-version Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua.

    Just a small warning. The game is looooong, I mean reaaally loooooong, Lord of the Rings loooooong.

  7. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I’m not so worried about the VN being spoiled. I’m looking at it as a means of “filling in the corners.” Hopefully, you guys will continue to provide the great information about the story. ^_^

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