Gunsmith Cats Revised Edition Manga Volume 2

Gunsmith Cats Revised Edition Manga Volume 2
ガンスミス キャッツ


Gunsmith Cats Revised Edition Manga Volume 2This second adaptation of the volume 2 bunkobon (tankoubon 3 and 4) begins by wrapping up the Grey story arc from the first volume which runs though chapter 22, roughly 25% of the book. This plays like the final act of a thriller action-adventure movie with Rally and company attempting to pursue Gray to bring him to justice.

The second story then picks up the Goldie story-arc which may or may not be completed with this volume (its hard to tell). Goldie Musou is a female Italian mobster who is tasked with bringing the drug “kerasine” to the Chicago market, which is like a combination of cocaine, LSD, and heroine. Goldie is a sadistic lesbian who uses kerasine to not only hook young ladies, but get them to do things like kill people while under the influence. With Rally, Goldie finds a challenge and she ultimately wants Rally broken to her will without the use of drugs. With Goldie holding one of Rally’s comrades from the start of the arc (Misty), Rally has a personal stake in taking Goldie down.

This arc also plays like a thriller action-adventure movie. There’s lots of action, violence, and even a touch of horror with people under the influence of kerasine seeing monsters and zombies. Of course with Goldie, there is some nudity and sadomasochist elements. I’m not a fan of that of course but there’s no denying the fast-paced nature of the manga.

Unfortunately, there’s really no character development for any of the characters. We are shown that May is now 19 (which would make Rally 21) and we get to see May and the old Chinese lady she used to work for as a 13-year old prostitute. I would like to see more character stuff and a breather from the almost non-stop action, but I don’t think that Sonoda-sensei is going to do that.

Sonoda-sensei’s art is top-notch though. His detailed drawings of cars and guns are outstanding, so no problems there. He still can be quite chaotic when it comes to intense action sequences, but he has improved quite a lot since the first book.

Dark Horse’s adaptation still has that over-shift feeling to make the text feel more gritty and “American” than the original Japanese. However, at times a Japanese feel still comes through despite the removal of all Japanese honorifics. Dark Horse does use Japanese honorifics for the omake stuff with Sonoda-sensei. ^_^

Bottom line: If you liked darker, fast-paced, violent and bloody action-thrillers with an icing of some nudity and sexual aspects of the first volume, you’ll really enjoy this volume. If not, it won’t be your cup of tea. One read-through will be enough for me.

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2 Responses to “Gunsmith Cats Revised Edition Manga Volume 2”

  1. Mark says:

    Hah! Your review of volume 1 showed up the day after I bought it myself, and I just bought volume 2 today. Pretty good timing. Can’t wait to pick up volume 3, with that lovely Bean Bandit cover.

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    My review of volume 3 will be out later in the week. ^_^

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