Rin and Saber (Fate/stay night)

Rin and Saber (Fate/stay night)

Here are a couple of images of Rin and Saber together that I rather enjoy.

Rin and Saber (Fate/stay night)Rin and Saber (Fate/stay night)

I’m pretty sure that this second image isn’t from Type Moon but I don’t know its source unfortunately. However, I did imagine that this would be how Fate/stay night would end somehow, with both Rin and Saber hanging out with Shirou (whom I presume is off camera in this image but that’s just me). ^_^

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these. I do have a ton more. I should share those as well sometime in the future.
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4 Responses to “Rin and Saber (Fate/stay night)”

  1. Garik says:

    Well, if that’s the kind of ending you wish to see, then you should see the UBW Good ending. It’s pretty much Rin’s Harem ending. ^_^

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Rin’s harem ending — so that means what all girls are in the harem?

  3. cxt217 says:

    Just the aforementioned ones for UBW…And not really much of a harem.

    I am actually very partial to the Heaven’s Feel ending, based on what I read of it. Then again, Saber was never my favorite Servant, so that might have something to do with it.

    I actually think that the second picture is something the Fate Production Committe made – there are noticeable differences between the pictures Takashi Takeuchi draws personally, and what the graphics crew working on the F/SN series does.


    For more examples.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Saber, Rider and Caster are my favourite servants. Especially Rider!

    I also love Tohsaka, Sakura, Taiga and Ilya! XD

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