Love Hina Lovin’ on 09-09-09

I am SO far behind, it isn’t even funny. I’m hoping to be able to grab a few days soon and do some catch up, both on the anime front and on the manga front. ^_^;

In the meantime, in my stumbling around the Interwebs once upon a time, I happened upon this nifty “cosplay cafe” image from Akamatsu-sensei (if it isn’t his work, it is a darn good approximation) of the girls from Love Hina.

Love Hina
It is new to me, but I’m sure some of you guys have seen it before. If so, let me know what the art originally appeared in.

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9 Responses to “Love Hina Lovin’ on 09-09-09”

  1. Yeah, it’s really Akamatsu-sensei’s work and it’s pretty damn good… 😀

  2. Cid Evil says:

    The anime does the manga no justice but the manga is quite amazing 😀

  3. merru says:

    eh? ..thats new ..i thought u’re into negima because of lovehina or his work before negima

  4. mastermack0 says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen that image before.

    @Merru, I found Negima before Love Hina myself and didn’t figure out they were by the same guy for a while.

  5. CynicalGamer says:

    Pretty sure it first appeared in the mugendai fan book, I bought it a while ago and it’s probably the best thing I’ve imported. 🙂

  6. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Thanks for the link. ^_^ Now that the Love Hina manga is unlicensed, I REALLY hope that Del Rey not only grabs the manga but grabs this book as well.

  7. Anachan says:

    @CynicalGamer,Did you buy the japanese version?
    I have the brazilian portuguese version, and I agree, it’s really good.

  8. CynicalGamer says:

    I bought the Japanese one, I didn’t even know there were any other versions. I only know english anyway, though. lol

  9. Anonymous says:

    spoilers out early.

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