Dirty Pair Lovin’

Dirty Pair Lovin’

I’ve been wanting to blog the rest of the Dirty Pair TV series for a long time, but sadly, I’ve only managed the first ten episodes. That will soon change as I now have the ability to watch the rest of the series and thus will blog the rest of this classic anime title.

In honor of that return, I thought I’d throw up a few Dirty Pair images I happen to have lying around my PC.

Dirty PairDirty PairDirty PairDirty Pair
I’d love to get a larger version of the image below, if anyone has one.

Dirty Pair Star Trek

Lord willing, new Dirty Pair reviews will start appearing in under a week. ^_^

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Speaking as an old fart, I’m glad to see someone is blogging DP. I never understood why ADV released every DP anime except the TV series.

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