xxxHOLiC: Rou (Oneshot Manga Special)

xxxHOLiC: Rou (Oneshot Manga Special)

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Watanuki is working on his signature and discusses it with Mokona. After scrying in the evening rain and hearing a bird, Watanuki opens his eyes to see Syaoran arrive with a bird along with Fay and Kurogane. The black and white Mokona’s race to greet each other as Watanuki greets his “brother” and friends. After an intensive party, the Mokona’s are out cold, causing Maru and Moro to put them to bed. It has been five hundred and twenty days since they departed Clow Country but Fay notes that the passage of time has been longer for Watanuki.

Outside the store-home, Watanuki and Syaoran chat with Watanuki telling how he became owner of the store and used the glasses that Syaoran had left there. Syaoran is glad to see Watanuki has become strong but laments not having found Sakura-chan yet.

Five days later, White Mokona’s earring glows, indicating Syaoran’s party has to leave. The two Mokona’s promise to see each other again. After saying farewell statements, Watanuki uses his magic to attempt to direct their destination to the world where Sakura-chan is. Syaoran is concerned about the price, but Watanuki assures him it was paid the moment Syaoran arrived at the store. Syaoran promises to tell Sakura-chan that Watanuki caused them to be reunited and he and his party are gone.

Black Mokona asks Watanuki what price Syaoran paid for Watanuki’s help. Watanuki says it was the sound of the bird, which Syaoran brought with him, that helped Watanuki come up with the final design of his signature, which also is used as a seal of protection.

xxxHOLiC: Rou (Oneshot Manga Special)

Thoughts/Review: A filler chapter to carry over the transition from Weekly Young Magazine to Bessatsu Shounen Magazine, but still fun in a way. This way, CLAMP gets to bring in the Tsubasa crew to the xxxHOLiC world, as they implied would happen several chapters ago. It also lets CLAMP retouch the issue of Watanuki’s new spectacles and establish a bit more continuity there. Beyond that, the chapter is filler with nothing much being said to advance any story at all. That’s not surprising considering CLAMP would reserve that for xxxHOLiC‘s relaunch.

Still, it was nice seeing Syaoran, Kurogane, Fay, and White Mokona again. ^_^

I can’t even begin to understand Watanuki’s “alternate signature.” What I mean is that this signature of Watanuki’s isn’t the Kanji for his name, the word “Watanuki,” nor the word “bird.” I don’t understand the whole alternate signature thing and Miwa-sensei is in Japan at the moment so I can’t ask her. If one of you know, feel free to educate me. ^_^

I’m not sure how this special will work with Del Rey’s releases or xxxHOLiC license. They might have to go for this special or it might be included. I suppose it will depend on whether this oneshot chapter is included in an xxxHOLiC tankoubon or not. I hope it is and that Del Rey gets it.

I don’t know when Bessatsu Shounen Magazine is coming out this month, but sometime in June, we’ll get the first new chapter of the new shounen manga. I’m looking forward to seeing where CLAMP takes the manga from here.

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5 Responses to “xxxHOLiC: Rou (Oneshot Manga Special)”

  1. ivanov_2020 says:

    you missed few things..
    1. watanuki tell syaoran that he is sorry for no longer use the glasses that syaoran give him (it broke, remember). he is now use a pair of glasses that was left in the storeroom by yuuko (ch204)

    and for the signature: what?? you didn’t see that one coming?… are you really a fan of clamp here?
    it’s a “BIRD” signature… “BIRD”.

    combine watanuki’s new glasses (that exactly look like someone else’s glasses) and the “BIRD” signature, what do you get? (hence try putting sakura’s first baton, the famous baton in clamp, in the calculation)
    if u give up, try reading this:

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    It has been a LONG time since I read Cardcaptor Sakura and I don’t remember Clow Reed’s signature. I did see that Watanuki is resembling a young Clow Reed to a minor extent and is becoming more powerful. So in that regard, yes I can see the bird shape in the signature.

    However, that was not the point of my question. There is clearly a Japanese cultural element on signatures and that’s what I want to know. I want to know how Watanuki obtains that signature beyond any Clow Reed reference. The explanation I seek will likely end up bridging the gap between Watanuki and Clow.

  3. ivanov_2020 says:

    ow.. you mean Shodo.. it’s just a calligraphy..
    hope this link help:
    (this is if i’m not mistaken)
    .. and yes, to made a signature profesional ones usually stare into blank paper in a very long time only to come out with a shape (it doesn’t have to be a kanji). even though it’s just representating a simple object, i believe it must be made without any delay and not just a simple shape but something that define the object (person in this case)

    isn’t there a well known shodo somewhere that take the shape of a circle??
    well hope that help.. i’m not so sure though 😀 i take reverence that is not directly from japan but from eastern asia culture in general

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Shodo. Cool. Now I have some point of reference and will study that a bit more. Thanks a ton for the 4-1-1. ^_^

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