Angel Beats! — Time to Burn the Trash and Episode 10 Mistakes

You know, our Japanese cousins have wacky senses of humor, but I can’t help but giggle just the same when I see the stuff they come up with.

This time, Angel Beats! episode 10 is on the block and it is time to burn trash. ^_^

*lol* That’s so wrong! ^_^;;;; And just how did Tenshi get Yui in there? ^_~


But, the trash burning does stop there as Tenshi is on a roll!

Naturally, Yuri doesn’t want her cutout burned, which is a mistake that Tenshi takes advantage of.

*lol* The Japanese feed off each other. ^_^

Speaking of the incinerator, an alert Japanese fan noted this little gem of a mistake.

Just how is that being supported? ^_~

While we are on the subject of mistakes, here’s another the Japanese spotted.

Ooops. ^_^;

BTW, what else are drumsticks good for?


Finally, this one isn’t funny. Since we didn’t actually get to see Yui vanish, a Japanese fan decided to recreate the moment for us.


Well, that’s it for now. Time for me to try to grab a bit of sleep before going back to the grind.

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4 Responses to “Angel Beats! — Time to Burn the Trash and Episode 10 Mistakes”

  1. Ultimaniac says:

    I think I actually would’ve “BAAAWWW”‘d if they showed her fade.

  2. Jayce says:

    Wow I dont think I can find pictures like that for my blog, the Japanese have good photoshop skills and imaginations as always. Once again these pictures prove that Tenshi kicks ass XD

  3. Anonymous says:

    i constantly find myself crying to death after i watch that episode

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