Happy Independence Day, USA! (Time for Yotsuba&! Love)

Well, it is July 4th when our founding fathers gave birth to this great nation, basing it on individual liberty. Sadly today, individual liberties are not what they once were thanks to an ever-expanding federal government deciding what is and is not good for the people. However, this is not the place for that discussion. ^_~

Instead, I’ll celebrate the 4th manga-style and go with one of my absolute favorite manga, Yotsuba&!, and keep it focused on summer. ^_^

Getting things started is Fuuka.

And now to add Yotsuba to the mix.

Then, the rest of the girls from the manga.

Finally, what’s summer without crawdads (crayfish)? ^_^

I hadn’t realized how popular Fuuka is as a character until cruising through the images I have for Yotsuba&!

Hope everyone in the U.S. has a good 4th and the rest of you, a good summer. ^_^

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