Happy New Year 2011! (Year of the Rabbit, Kannagi Style)

Happy new year, everyone!  I hope that 2011 is better than 2010 for all of us.  ^_^;;;;

With the passage of another year, I thought I’d check back on myself to see if I’d accomplished any of the anime/manga related items I set out to do.

  • Urusei Yatsura — I started 2010 on episode 126 and managed to get up to episode 151.  That’s not too bad all things considered.  Of course, the TV series goes through episode 195 and then there are the OVA’s and movies.  ^_^;;;
  • Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki OVA 2 — I did do a Back to the Vaults review here so yay me!
  • Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-0hki OVA 3 — I did not do a Back to the Vaults review so boo me!  ^_^;;; I did plan to do one, but with such a huge backlog PLUS the sometimes insanity of my real life, I just never got around to writing it.
  • Vandread: Second Stage — I did get this one blogged.  ^_^
  • Spice and Wolf — Oops!  I totally have this on DVD and still haven’t watched it.  ^_^;;;
  • Keroro Gunsou — I didn’t even watch a single episode this year.  ^_^;  I did read the manga but I never watched any more.
  • Evangelion: 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone — I did get this one done and on Blu-ray to boot.

Not so great on the planned stuff.  Let’s see what we can do about 2011.

  • Urusei Yatsura — Naturally, I need to press on here.  We’ll see if I can acomplish 25 more episodes or not.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam — No problems finishing this during 2011.  The story has me gripped enough to keep wanting to come back, which helps.
  • Evangelion 2.x — Whatever FUNimation releases on Blu-ray, I’ll be buying and watching and blogging.
  • Movies — Speaking of anime movies, I’m going to try to blog the Nanoha movie, the Fate/stay night movie, and the Macross Frontier movie.
  • Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-0hki OVA 3 — I really have to get this and OVA 3+1 done this year.
  • Manga — Expect to continue to see chapter reviews of Negima!, xxxHOLiC, and Ah! My Goddess.  Hopefully, Negima! spoilers will continue. Volume reviews of Negima!, xxxHOLiC, Hayate the Combat Butler, Gakuen Alice, RIN-NE, Yotsuba&!, Kobato, and hopefully School Rumble will continue. Fairy Tale keeps popping up on my radar so maybe some of you who’ve read it or are otherwise involved with it can sell me on it.
  • Armitage III — I really want to rewatch this one and blog it.  I’ve had the DVD out for a couple of months now, but things like the 5th season of the new Doctor Who, Max Headroom (released in the US in 2010), The IT Crowd, etc. have pushed it aside though.  ^_^;  Well, one does have to take breaks from anime, eh?  ^_~
  • Keroro Gunsou — I’m not so enthused about this, even more so now that FUNimation has abandoned it.  But I do have more episodes I can blog so maybe I’ll give them a look-see.
  • Inuyasha Final Act — I really should finish this.  ^_^;
  • Get the blog fixed! I really should have had this done ages ago, but I opted to take time out of my busy schedule to make blog entries rather than fixes most of the time.  So, hopefully I can get the remainder of the posts with busted images corrected. ^_^;;;;;

Man, I really hope I can get a new job in 2011!

In closing, I’ll leave you guys with some Kannagi love. Since it is the Year of the Rabbit, I went for the Kannagi girls in bunny ears.  Enjoy.  ^_^

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9 Responses to “Happy New Year 2011! (Year of the Rabbit, Kannagi Style)”

  1. Cholisose says:

    Looks like a lot of interesting anime and manga there. I have a few shows I still need to finish getting through (Cardcaptor Sakura, Allison and Lillia, Nurarihyon, Shiki, Psychic Detective Yakumo, and Squid Girl).
    Then there’s plenty of others I’d like to start watching, too… =} Won’t be for a while though.
    Oh, but I’ll definitely want to watch Gosick as that comes out.

  2. Nick says:

    Man although Fairy Tail is different from Negima, i picked up reading it when it was around chapter 150, and man its a great manga its really worth checking out and it still relatively low on chapters (only 216 so far)

  3. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Cholisose — I do have the first omnibus of CCS so I’ll be blogging that down the road once I read it.

    @Nick — Thanks for Fairy Tail plug. I guess I should look into it more.

  4. I also highly recommend Fairy Tail. It is currently tied with Negima for my favorite manga at the moment. It doesn’t have as much of an overarching plot as I’d like (although quite recently it seems like this might be changing)and is much more nakama based than romance. But I really like the characters and I especially like Hiro Mashima’s humor.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey I totally just stumbled upon this looking for something else but I just wanted to point out a fairly obvious point: the girl at top on your background is GORGEOUS. What manga does she belong? Is it a good story?
    Just curious.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’ll chime in for Fairy Tail. The manga’s finally looking like it will answer some old questions and it’s definitely lacking in romance and all about the group. It’s been quite a fun read so far and the anime series stayed pretty darn close to the manga so far. Overall, highly enjoyable.

    Since I’ve started working again and had to cut back, it and Negima are the only two weekly mangas that I’m keeping up with.

    @Anon, the girl in question is Chii from Chobits (by CLAMP). The anime was pretty good and I’ve heard that the manga is too, but I need to get around to reading it sometime. There are some interesting twists I’ve heard about…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Odd… Clicking on Name/URL no longer gives me a place to put in my name or URL….


  8. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Based on feedback here and elsewhere, I’ve decided to give Fairy Tail a look-see, at least for five volumes. ^_^ Thanks everyone for the feedback.

    As to the girl at the top of my blog, as mention by Rusty, that’s Chii from Chobits. Dark Horse has released the entire series in a 2-volume omnibus and have really done a great job. I reviewed both volumes.

    @Rusty — the manga will clear up some things that are muddy in the anime either through not so great writing or through not including certain (important) things from the manga. The Dark Horse manga is well worth having IMO.

    As to the Name/URL thing, what browser are you using? We checked and it appears fine to us.

  9. Rusty says:

    I figured that the manga cleared up a lot. That’s normally the case with CLAMP titles, which is fine. Now that I have regular income again, I’ll see about fitting Chobits into my buying list. It’s still one of my favorite anime.

    I’m using Firefox 3, and today the radio button works normally. I haven’t even rebooted or closed the browser, so maybe it was a blogger glitch. Yesterday the Google Account login blocks stayed no matter which radio button I picked.

    I need to stop being lazy and set up an account for commenting sometime, but this is the only place I comment…

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