Happy Valentine’s Day, “Maison Ikkoku” Style ^_^

Happy Valentine’s Day, “Maison Ikkoku” Style ^_^

For those of you with significant others, I hope you didn’t forget that today is Valentine’s Day.  ^_~  In the spirit of the day, here’s one of my favorite, romantic images from Takahashi-sensei’s best manga work, Maison Ikkoku, featuring Godai embracing the lovely Kyoko-san.

Maison Ikkoku

I really wish Viz would re-release this series complete with new translations and the inclusion of Japanese honorifics and translator notes.  I’d double-dip that in a flash were they to do so.  ^_^

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3 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day, “Maison Ikkoku” Style ^_^”

  1. FMAguru2007 says:

    I would love to read this series…now if only I could find it. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  2. Tim says:


    I do own the “Editor’s Choice” edition of Maison Ikkoku from Viz. That is, I own all but vol 8 since the only ones available are priced at $80 (grr…).

    But I would still be interested in buying a brand new edition if Viz was willing to re-translate with a more natural script, under a single editor and translator team. As opposed to when Maison Ikkoku was before release with inconsistent translations due to multiple editors and translators. Case in point, Godai first calling Kyoko by her name, but then later saying “Manager” (which is the actual translation).

    sigh… I wouldn’t hold my breath though.

  3. evgenidb says:

    I just couldn’t resist not to post it. Happy Valentine’s Day in a “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” way: http://a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/180575_189108064454465_142152155816723_512101_3938655_n.jpg (poor, poor clone trooper!)

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