(CLAMP) Gate 7 Manga Chapter 02 Review

Gate 7 Manga Chapter 02 Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Gate 7 Manga Chapter 02Chikahito prepares breakfast at his new home in Kyoto and calls out that breakfast is ready.  Sakura comes down awake and dressed and when asked, says he doesn’t sleep without body warmth from his partner, who doesn’t come here.  Tachibana enters in a less than pleasant manner wanting tea so Sakura makes some for him. Hana hasn’t come down so Sakura suggests that Chikahito loudly announce the breakfast menu.  This summons the eager Hana, still in her frog pajamas.

After breakfast, Sakura says he has to go out and help geisha tie their obi on their kimono tightly, something Hana proclaims he has done for her. Tachibana is also going out, but says it is for a university lecture.  Since Chikahito’s school term doesn’t start until April, Sakura asks Chikahito to accompany Hana on a delivery since Hana is likely to be distracted by a ramen (or other noodle) establishment.  Chikahito agrees to Hana’s delight and the two set out after she gets changed.Once gone, Sakura notes that Chikahito didn’t realize that the college would also be out until April.  Tachibana doesn’t care for it but as Sakura reminds him, this was the wish of their master and the owner of the urashichiken they live in.

Chikahito arrives with Hana at the Nishiki Market area but she’s immediately drawn to the local izakaya and the prospect of a meal there. They are met by Hidetsugu, whom Chikahito finds suspicious even though Hana knows and apparently trusts him.  Entering the establishment, three bowls of ramen are ordered but Chikahito still doesn’t trust Hidetsugu.  Since Hidetsugu has been addressing Chikahito as “Chikahito-chan,” Chikahito wants to know how his name is known.  Hidetsugu answers that he’s the owner of the urashichiken.  Further, he wanted to meet Chikahito since Hana used her myouhou to make sure Chikahito was able to come to Kyoto.  Hana simply states that her reason for liking Chikahito is that they are the same even though Hana has great powers and Chikahito has no special abilities.

Hidetsugu creates a null-space barrier (my term) and Hana is disappointed to be separated from her ramen.  He confirms that Chikahito can enter such places which is something Hana attributes to their being the same — nonexistence.  This troubles Hidetsugu greatly but when Chikahito asks about the creation of this space, Hidetsugu smiles and says he can’t do a large space like Sakura but having a blood seal with an “oni” means he has the ability.  Chikahito assumes “oni” to be the creatures of Japanese legends which Hidetsugu denies. However, Chikahito can now see a girl with horns and elaborate Japanese robing floating beside Hidetsugu.


Curiouser and curiouser, as Alice would say.

The allusions to Cardcaptor Sakura continue with Sakura and Tachibana.  It was already established that Sakura is of the sun, which was the role Cerberus in CCS, and that Tachibana is of the moon, which was the role of Yue in CCS.  The additional allusion comes from Sakura and Tachibana apparently being “owned” by Hidetsugu.  We’ll see where CLAMP goes with this but it wouldn’t surprise me if they were created beings like Cerberus and Yue.

Hidetsugu is the new character on the block.  He doesn’t seem to be a traditional Clow-like mage but rather someone who has powers thanks to another being, in this case the “oni” shown on the last two pages of the chapter.  While the kanji for “oni” was different from the one referring to the mythical, ogre-like creatures from Japan, her appearance did have horns like oni have, only she had three.  For all I know, she’s hiding a third eye under her bangs.  ^_^;;;  I guess we’ll learn more about her next month and more about Hidetsugu in the process.

Chikahito continues to be somewhat similar to Watanuki from xxxHOLiC in that he’s away from his parents, he wears similar glasses, he gets flustered easily, and that he cooks and cleans. His having no special abilities along with Hana’s cryptic remarks about them being the same would be of greater interest to me prior to having been mind-frelled by xxxHOLiC and Tsubasa, where we learned that CLAMP comes up with great scenarios but then has no clue where to go with them.  So frankly, I’m not convinced that CLAMP even knows what they are talking about at this point in the game.

Speaking of Hana, she’s the real sweetheart of the manga.  At times she’s like an immature little girl and at other times she’s like a mature young woman.  She seems to be part Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura and part Misaki from Angelic Layer with a hint of Yuuko-san from xxxHOLiC.  Its hard to guess but I’d say that Hana is likely around twelve years old.  Whether she ends up romantically with Chikahito or if they are kin in some strange CLAMP fashion remains to be seen.

So, an interesting chapter but I’m cynical you understand. ^_^;  Hopefully, I’ll be able to continue to follow this when the next chapter is released in Japan.

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