Wolverine – 07

Wolverine – 07

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: 

Wolverine - 07Vadhaka attacks which soon forces Logan to flee with Min.  However, they soon run into local thugs who want a piece of them.  A rival faction arrives and the two sides break out in a fight but before Logan can escape with Min, Vadhaka bursts through and attacks.  Logan uses his body to shield Min as Vadhaka lands blow after blow on Logan’s back.  Yukio arrives with words about Logan’s dillydallying but he can’t break free and Vadhaka punches him through and down into a basement while Min escapes. Yukio pours quick drying concrete into the hole to allow Logan to escape but this is not enough to stop Vadhaka, who comes bursting through again.

Wolverine - 07Min returns to the scene as Logan tries to warn the kid off which annoys her.  Vadhaka punches Logan and then knocks out Yukio before grabbing Logan to squeeze him.  Min races to a steam pipe and manages to break it free and point it at the nearby Vadhaka.  When the steam hits the giant, living statue’s eyes, it roars in pain and flees, nearly trampling local thugs.  Logan’s healing factor kicks in and he wants to look for Yukio, who’s been buried by debris from Vadhaka, but one of the roving gangs break out guns and start shooting.  Min takes Logan down to the sewers where a group of her comrades arrive. Logan wants to leave the kid there, offending her, but before he can leave, an old man arrives and attacks him with a thrown cane containing a blade.  Logan catches the cane and hurls it back at its owner, who’s impressed.

Wolverine - 07The old man, addressed as “Koh-sama,” praises Min for her efforts and attempts to engage Logan in conversation, though Logan isn’t interested.  That changes when Koh offers Logan a secret way to Dragon Palace in exchange for something else. Logan goes along with Koh’s people and listen’s to Koh’s reasons for going against Hideki.  Hideki’s father, Juo, and Koh had once vied for control of Madripoor but Juo had formed an alliance with Shigen, who’d dispatched his assassin Miyuki to take out Koh.  Koh’s son and bodyguard Kai battled Miyuki and impossibly, the two ended up falling in love.  Both Koh and Juo were outraged at this betrayal but Koh ended up accepting the matter.

Wolverine - 07Years passed with Koh hiding Kai and Miyuki from Juo until time came when Koh thought they could be safely gotten off the island.  Unfortunately, Juo got word of this and prevented their escape.  During the fight that followed, Juo’s men suffer losses but having such superior numbers, they capture Koh and have Kai and Miyuki surrounded.  Shigen arrives and when Kai attacks, Shigen mortally wounds him.  Miyuki attempts to avenge her husband but is too slain for this.  Juo brandishes a sword to execute Koh, but Kai’s last effort is to throw a kunai at Juo, allowing Koh to escape with an injury to the leg. Since then, Koh has amassed a monstrous weapons cache and army.  However, Koh’s talk is interrupted with Hideki sends a broadcast on every TV channel, showing a captured Yukio, Koh’s granddaughter.


Wolverine - 07We’d seen the story of Yukio’s unnamed mother getting killed through Yukio telling the story to Logan.  While we got to see this as she knew the tale, Logan never saw it just as he didn’t see the tale we saw when Koh spoke.  So, it is understandable that Logan wouldn’t put two and two together as the audience did from the start and realize that Yukio was Kai and Miyuki’s daughter.  Interesting that Yukio gets so much background information given about her.  I wonder who taught her those assassin skills and gave her the same weapons her mother had.  I guess Koh must have done, but why not give her the weapons of her father?

Wolverine - 07The fight between Logan and Vadhaka was rather tedious, made so by the fact that Logan did no damage to the living statue.  Min being able to damage its eyes was rather an eye-roller if you’ll pardon the pun. *_*

It figures that Kikyo would come to the island so as to have another fight with Logan.  Then again, he might switch sides as Silver Samurai ultimately did.

I apologize for not saying more here.  While I didn’t dislike the episode, I find it didn’t really inspire me to say a whole lot.  So I’ll not bore you any further and move along. ^_^;

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