Genshiken Nidaime Manga Chapter 58 Review

げんしけん: 二代目
Genshiken Nidaime Manga Chapter 58 Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Genshiken Nidaime Manga Chapter 58Ogiue wants to create a profile book for Genshiken members with their personal information on the top part of each member’s profile sheet and if they can draw, that would go below. Ohno understands that Ogiue is going to revive the Genshiken magazine Mebaetame. Ogiue has done one to get things started and Hato figures that Yajima would be excited by this because she’s good at drawin. Yajima corrects Hato in such a way that Yoshitake reminds Yajima that she stated she did draw when she joined the club. Yajima clarifies that by saying that while she does draw, she’s not good at it. Hato apologizes and Yajima says it is OK since it allowed her to clear up a misconception.

Yoshitake asks “Yajima-chi” if she can come over so they can work on their profiles together. Yajima agrees and the two stop by a supermarket with Hato where Yoshitake buys a ton of stuff. Hato is worried about going with them, but Yoshitake assures him it is OK even though it is Yajima’s room they are going to. Despite being underaged, Yoshitake picks up beer and Yajima demands she put it back even though she doubts Yoshitake would be sold the stuff. Yoshitake does this, shooting back at Yajima to remind her that she was buying porn doujinshi before she was 18.

At Yajima’s apartment, Yoshitake immediately finds the box of Yajima’s yaoi doujinshi as Yajima ponders the idea of allowing a man into her apartment, even if he is a cross dresser. It is then that she discovers that Yoshitake had not only purchased beer and other alcoholic products, but had already placed it in the fridge. Instead of working on their profiles, the trio end up drinking and fall asleep. Yajima wakes first and sees Hato’s legs. She then remembers that Hato is a man despite his cross dressing, female voice, and feminine appearance.

Yajima touches Hato’s face, thinking that there will be stubble there, but is astonished to find it smooth. She remember Hato saying how how much time he spent plucking hairs out and even Hato’s legs are smooth while Yajima’s complexion is not that way. Yajima then remembers Hato talking about the use of skin care products as well as careful hair removal and notes how she only shaved her arm pits for summer and had let it all grow back, figuring it didn’t matter since they were otaku.

Suddenly, Yajima figures that Hato has to be a woman who has created this character of being a man cross dressing as a woman. As such, Yajima feels a strong urge to look under Hato’s skirt and is about to do so when Yoshitake wakes up and catches her. However, Yoshitake is curious too and so goes to pull up the still sleeping Hato’s skirt. Yajima tries to stop her but the skirt goes up and she gets a look.

A few days later, Yajima meets Hato just outside Genshiken’s door and enter together. Yajima turns in her profile and Ogiue is impressed with her artwork though Yajima says she needs training. Hato also has his profile which contains a well done, hardcore, yaoi drawing, leading Yajima to wonder where Hato is going with this.


I may always think, “IT’S A TRAP!” every time I see Hato in a dress, but I guess that’s OK since I love Genshiken so. ^_^;

I mentioned in my previous review that Yoshitake and Yajima hadn’t really done anything for me.  Kio-sensei obviously knew this would be the case for most readers and so dedicating an entire chapter to their exploits was a nice way to help correct that. Even though I’ve come to like Sue, I’m glad Kio-sensei kept her out of the main part of the story.  We got to learn a ton about how much time Hato takes to disguise the fact that he’s a man.  That’s some insane dedication to spend that much time on hair removal and skin care but it is what has to be done so he can look like a girl. ^_^;

Yoshitake didn’t get as much work done on her but we did learn she’s a big eater despite not weighing much and that she’s a big drinker and can buy alcohol even though she’s underaged.

Yajima got the most screen time since the action took place at her place and she was the one who woke up and pondered Hato. I was amused at how she felt less of a woman than the non-woman Hato. *lol*  Yajima seems pretty straight-laced on things except for yaoi and shounen ai doujinshi.

So, now that I’ve gotten more of a look at the trio of new members, they’ve grown on me a bit which is a good thing.  I’m looking forward to seeing where things go and to learning why Hato feels the need to cross dress.

Genshiken Nidaime Manga Chapter 58

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